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  1. Ty Rick and josh ,,lol pass on stale cheese beer.Was justing getting into the whole brewing Mr Beer then got divorced and everything ended up in storage,like six years ago ,started up again got three kegs going ,every three weeks is bottling and brewing,happy time,,also seems like good timing with Coopers now in charge,cant wait to crack open my first brew in over 6 years..
  2. Ok ty i will ,got enough recipes for now, i forgot to mention they came with hops still in vacum sealed bags those should be ok or toss them as welll.Again ty for the advice
  3. Found a bunch of old mr beer hme cans are marked 2012 i know yeast is bad should i just throw away or give em a try got American devil IPA an Octoberfest a Canadian one and the pale ale and three cans of ume cans are a little rusty but not bulging would hate waste but igot three cases bottled and brewing and 12 more recipes to make thanks
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