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  1. MrWhy

    Why Brewing Co.

    Just some pics of the brewing.
  2. I have that same Sam Adams glass....one of my favorites! Nice looking beer. And you know...sometimes a simple "beer is beer" beer is not a bad thing!
  3. So what does everyone have going on with the brewing schedule? I am out of town off an on a bit coming up and wanted to have everything brewed and bottled before then...so I sat down and sketched out my schedule.... Sat 2/27 - Brewed Kenneth Blonde - DONE! Fri 3/4 - Bottle my ESB+ (ESB hopped with Goldings); Brew Dortmunder - DONE! Sat 3/12 - Chill! ** MAJOR ERROR** Misread a calendar and bottled Kenneth Blonde...ONE WEEK EARLY!! Donkey Spit what is wrong with me.... Sat 3/12 - Brew Quad Sat 3/19 - Brew Festivus Sat 3/26 - Bottle Dortmunder, Brew Hopped CAL Sat 4/2 - Bottle Quad, Brew Bovine Sat 4/9 - Bottle Festivus (3 weeks); bottle CAL (2 weeks.) Sat 4/16 - CHILL. Sat 4/23 - Bottle Bovine.....AND DONE! (AS THE SCHEDULE CHANGES I AM EDITING THIS). And that shuts me down until May.... What do you all think? What are you all up to the next few weeks?
  4. I love that little glass. It's a Firestone Walker Taster Glass...
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