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  1. I use Gimp. Paint.Net and Photoscape. They are all free.
  2. Yes I did. I bottled half in 500 ml bottles and the rest in 740 ml bottles. The 740 ml bottles have more carbonation. The 500 ml bottles are ok but not as fizzy as I like. Not a big deal but the next time I use 500 ml bottles I will try more sugar. I am a woman. I like bubbles ok? lol
  3. Thank you. That might explain why my half liters a little flat. Made a new brew and using one liters so I will use 2.5 tsp.
  4. This is my generic label, (besides masking tape). If I brew something spectacular, I will make a better one. lol
  5. I was looking at the chart and it calls for one tsp of sugar for a half liter bottle. For a one liter bottle it calls for 2 1/2 tsp. Why? Since its double the volume why wouldn't 2 tsp work in a one liter bottle?
  6. Those look like EZ-Caps. There is a woman on another forum that uses them to make wine and hard cider quite a bit of the time.
  7. Thanks Guys! I can't wait for my stuff to get here. The members of this forum are so NICE.
  8. Thank you all for the nice comments. @Brewer I have always been curious about making beer and I like to make candy to give away. I clicked on a link to MrBeer and I was hooked. Beer will be my new "candy" but I don't think I will be giving much of it away. @Brian Thanks. I have already read all of the links on RickBeers signature and will probably read them again many times more. @NwMaltHead I like beer with pizza or spaghetti but I like my sweets with wine. I kinda like everything with wine.
  9. Hello everyone! I just ordered the Craft Homebrew Gold Kit and an extra LBK. I have been reading this forum and other sites for the last 2 weeks. (My brain has a charlie horse right now. lol) I was actually doing a search for candy recipes and came across a link for MrBeer and clicked on it. That's all it took and now I will be making a new kind of candy. Wish me luck.
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