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  1. Rolling Rock has become my buddies and my fishing beer of choice. I think the sweet taste of disappointment is a metaphor for our fishing...
  2. What I do, and what I believe is standard, is to wash the bottle out, fill halfway with whatever sanitation you use, then just put your clean hand on top, shake it up, let sit for 10 minutes, repeat with a clean hand, dump. I haven't had any off flavors or infections from doing this. Take it with a grain of salt, however, as I am in no way an expert!
  3. Thanks, all. I was afraid that was the case, and I think I caught a bit too much excitement and confidence. I suppose this one will have to wait!
  4. I see, thanks for clarifying that for me. Is a Briess Black Patent or Blackprinz Malt interchangeable with the Traditional Dark? It's what my LHBS has, and I wouldn't have to pay for shipping (yay). With the darker malts, could I still steep a specialty malt like C75 in the wort (I assume that's how you do it) to get the desired results?
  5. Hey all, looking at recipes and wondering if I'd be able to switch out DMEs in this porter I found. 1 Can MB American Porter 1 LB Briess Traditional Dark DME 1 Cup dextrose (corn sugar) 1/2 Cup Quick Oats. Bring ~1.5 - 2 qts bottled water to boil. Flameout. Add DME, sugar, oats. Bring back to boil. Put 1 Gal Spring Water into LBK Cut gallon jug in half to make a big funnel and a square deep dish. Put hot water into dish and put HME can into hot water. Boil wort for 15 minutes. Flameout. Add warmed HME to wort Allow wort to cool Put funnel into top of LBK Put sieve into the mouth of the funnel Pour wort through funnel, catching oatmeal Pour second gallon of spring water through sieve to wash the oatmeal. Pitch yeast at 80 degrees Shake LBK for about a minute to aerate the wort. Fermenting at ~73 per strip thermometer on front of LBK I'd add about 1.5oz of cold brewed coffee at bottling (22oz bottles). My question is, would I be able to swap out the Dark DME for Great Western C75? I'd like more caramel flavor to come through, while hopefully keeping the beer on the darker side. Could I perhaps add 1.25lbs GW C75 and .5lbs Breiss Black Patent or Blackprinz malt to get a bit of the caramel flavor without sacrificing a darker beer? Any advice would be appreciated. Cheers
  6. That sounds amazing! I'm trying to make a coffee porter, and I haven't quite found a recipe to do that. Would you suggest steeping coffee into the wort, in the LBK near the end of fermentation, or at bottling? Or am I trying too hard to improve perfection? I haven't experimented much yet, and I'm excited to start getting into making better beer.
  7. Does this also sanitize the bottles? New to brewing, looking for pros/cons of glass vs plastic. Also, thanks for being such an awesome resource! It was a great help to find your page.
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