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    I am a wannabe artist. I love to paint (especially oil painting), and now I'm a wannabe brewer.

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  1. Just tasting my second brew which is an ACL with honey. I cracked one open after 3 weeks of conditioning and I'm pretty happy with it. The carbonation is way better on this batch. I used a teaspoon of table sugar per 1/2 liter bottle rather than the drops this time. It still has a little of that "green apple" flavor that I'm thinking will condition out. Still a very drinkable honey lager. 


  2. Soon Broox... I have been replacing 700 feet of water line on my property. I need another batch now that it's done!
  3. That is exactly right Nickfixit! I was just thinking the same thing.
  4. twadams777


    My very first brew. A delicious St. Patrick's Irish Stout with expresso added to create a delicious Coffee Stout. I love Mr. Beer!
  5. Hey guys, despite my mistake of tweaking my first batch my brew produced a great Coffee Stout that I love. Thanks for all of the advice. Just wanted to check in and give results. I love Mr. Beer and can't wait for my next brew. I need to get it started!
  6. Just an update (not that anyone cares really!). I tasted my stout today and it tasted like a nice (albeit flat) Amberbock. I'm planning to bottle tomorrow evening. I'm so excited! As hard as I tried to screw it up, I made beer!!! Thanks for all the advice guys. ?
  7. So how long do caps normally last, and when you replace caps do you also replace bottles? Also, why label your trub bottle? Is it drinkable, but has sediment in the bottom?
  8. I get what everyone is saying about this topic and I will probably brew the CAL as packaged. I understand what Rick is saying. Walk before you run. I also get that after you have some experience experimenting can be fun and delicious. I just hope I will have a drinkable beer this time. If not, I'll try again. It smells good (but as a nube idk if that means a thing!). Btw, I was never adding a tablespoon of brown sugar at bottling, only a tablespoon of espresso per a recipe from the forum. Thanks for all of the advice. Point taken.
  9. Western Kentucky here (Henderson). I just started my first batch two days ago and I may have screwed the pooch by getting ambitious and excited and tinkering with an Irish Stout instead of brewing it straight up. I wasn't sure when to add brown sugar (I was using a recipe from the forum) and I added it to the keg right at the beginning with 12 oz. of espresso. Other brewers seem to think I have ruined it. Fingers crossed it is ok and I'll add a tablespoon of espresso per bottle at bottling. This is going to be the longest 7 weeks ever!
  10. Thanks guys, so by adding brown sugar and espresso (I was going to add an additional tablespoon of espresso to each bottle during bottling) at the wrong time will the brown sugar ruin it? It is fermenting well from what I can tell. I should have asked about timing I guess. I couldn't find any info about that. My next brew is going to be American Classic Light and I wanted to add a cup of honey. When should that be added? Sorry for the stupid questions.
  11. I live with a wife and daughter who don't appreciate my new brewing hobby and I just wanted to tell someone about my first batch. Luckily they aren't enthusiastic about drinking beer either, so it will all be mine! ...hopefully it is drinkable. I read a lot online, especially the Mr. Beer forums, so for my first brew I used a St. Patrick's Irish Stout, added a cup of light brown sugar to the wort, and added 12 oz. of espresso into my LBK. It has been fermenting 24 hours, and I have to say it already smells pretty good. I have read fermentation should take 2 weeks, and without all the fancy equipment, tasting is the way to know when to bottle. Do the additions I have made change fermentation times. Also, I have read that longer conditioning means better beer. What is the rule of thumb on that? Is three weeks to start a good number or is that overkill? Thanks for listening guys. I'm so excited to try my own beer! I can't find a good espresso stout anywhere near me.
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