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  1. Thanks everyone! They were tossed before I even got on-board, but I definitely appreciate the input. The Guinness is new!
  2. Hi Folks First post to this awesome site and figured I'd get my feet wet. Lucked out on Jet.com and purchased two LBK Kits for a total of 42.00 and jumped right in 3 weeks ago and bottling this week. Wanted to touch base about a purchase I made on eBay that arrived today. Auction said that the seller got it "many years ago" but doesn't drink. It was a New in Box LD Carlson Brewers Best Kit with all the goodies. I figured the mix would be no good but he wasn't kidding when he said "many years ago"! The best used date on the bloated Munton's LME (2 cans) and yeast said 1/31/2001 and I can't believe they didn't explode during shipping! All in all the kit cost me 20.00 total with shipping and I got the whole shebang; fermenting bucket, bottling bucket, racking tube, One Step, capper, caps, Thermometer, Hydrometer, etc. Can't wait to start my Muntons Guinness knock-off. Any important suggestions? Thanks for listening and I'm ready to Brew On!
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