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  1. Just got to ask. How are you growing the market? Not just MB but other 2 gal kit companies. BD is another. from what I have seen your kits are a seasonal item at xmas and internet based the rest of the year. I did find a local brew supply house carries your stuff but they are discontinuing the 2 gal stuff because of slow turn over. that's good for in the sense I can buy at a discount but would rather have the option of face to face busniess
  2. Thank Rick. I see production beer in colored so I had to ask. How do you identify different batches? so far I have been cutting the box front off and writing start date and bottle date. numbering bottles by batch #
  3. Starting batch 5 a Bavarian with a booster. hard to believe on the stem being so new. batch 1 is 3 weeks into carbonation another week or so I can have a cold one question on bottle color. if brown is preferred to keep out sunlight is the reason I think. is other glass ok? like greed on blue?
  4. Brian not in any hurry. just trying to get a rueteen established. add a little as I go.
  5. Target is the main distrubitor listed on the Mr beer website. in my area I looked up the one other listing. turns out that it is a local brewery supply house. they told my the ingrediance are sold as food and by law is tax free. I buy there and no shipping. win win for my Its also nice to know I can talk to someone face to face
  6. batch 1 is American light. batch 2 Czech pilsner. got nervous on starting batch 3 last week end when I discovered bug in the cooler I kept keg 1 in. the spicket and seal did leak a once or 2 over a 3 week fermentation. the bugs I concluded were fruit flys from out pet parrot. a red lorry that is a fruit eater. that and the cooler was old was the problem. I had put keg 2 into a new cooler altho the spicket and seal also leaked a once or 2 but did not have bugs in the cooler. Today I started a nut brown ale. that is a compeditor product. cant wait to put this stuff on ice
  7. 12 would make better sense on the end user POV. 11 leaves too much room for doubt. the bottles are not marked with a fill line nor are the instruction explaining what you said. the marketing may explain the drop out rate.
  8. but 11 is not 12. how do they explain this error?
  9. Like KC I also got the LBK as a xmas gift. I am a bit confused by there government math. the instructions state each produces 1 case or 2 gallons. the kit includes 11 740 ml bottles. 740 ml equals 24 oz or 2 12 oz bottles. or 22 12 bottles. there pack of carbonation tablets of 22 also confirms they are a couple cans short of a case. before I start to brew I would like to know what other inconsistancies I will encounter in there formulas
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