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  1. Ok cool, I am going to be making orange soda, though I know you said I could use Fanta, but want to try making soday so will then just add the vodka afterwards lol
  2. Has anyone made hard soda? I am looking for a recipe for hard orange soda please!
  3. I am sooooo going to make this, just got a drill press so it will be easy!
  4. Is there a Wort Club in the WI Fox Valley Area? Green Bay ~ Oshkosh span? Mel
  5. Right brew, you order online and pick up in Little Chute. Are you on Facebook as well? Mel Tangness if you are and want to add me.
  6. Menasha, WI is that close enough lol! Mel
  7. I just finished mixing the beer and it's in the keg for a 3 week nap and got to thinking...where does all the built up gas go?! I have heard of some having a vacuum vent so it can escape, I didn't see anything like that on the 2Gal one with the Premium Mr. Beer North American Collection Kit. The instructions say to no open the lid during this fermenting time so now what? I don't want this exploding with the build up of gas from the yeast.
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