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  1. Since the 3rd bottle of concentrate was added to the recipe, is that supposed to replace the 1.5 cups of sugar from the old recipe that used 2 bottles of concentrate? Instructions on the refill page contradict the PDF version.
  2. I have a pack of booster to use with my second brew. Which should I add it to? A: Dads Favorite Cream Ale Recipe B: Scrap the Cream Ale (honey) and Add it to the American Lager Deluxe Refill C: Oktoberfest Deluxe Refill
  3. Add a stripe to the sticker gets another 10. Add an X to the sticker would get another 10. Each their own. I think this method would work for me.
  4. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, White, Black, Pink, Gray I think 10 colors should get me by. Don't forget, you can also add a stripe to the sticker and it will double to 20.
  5. I'm planning to make a reference chart and just label the caps with colored garage sale type round stickers. Red = CAL, Green = OCT Fest, etc
  6. Josh, Were you able to post a revised chart yet?
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