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  1. I ran out if carb drops and sugar. I used two teaspoons of agave nectar and this is what i have after 2 weeks. The best tasting beer i have made!!!
  2. Thanks for the recipe Anthony. I have to admit I didnt follow it to a T. But i did write what i did do down. It will be a once a moth recipe for a while. Oh... one of these will make you high step it. This is a weekend stay at home ale for sure!
  3. I have 3 craft (clear buckets) and i love them. I wish they sold just the buckets with collar and lid. I havent used the LBK'S so i cant compare hut i love the craft buckets. Gives you more room to experiment i think. Hoppy brewing.
  4. What a great tasting IPA. I am proud of this one. Perfect grapefruit taste. The aroma is amazing.
  5. I dont think I did use it. I just had a brainfart and and looked at the bottles and said Self... pay more attention. My sanitation jug has the word sanitizer written on it and I keep it out of the way. It was empty and my sanitizing bowl was full so I dont think I used it in the boil. The father in law was asking me all kinds of questions while I was brewing and bottling. I usually do this alone on Sunday.
  6. What if one may have used 4 cups of sanitized water instead of plain purified water for the HME Boil? I boiled the water for about 45 minutes with a hop sack and dried tangerine peel. Did I ruin the batch? its fermenting like crazy with lots of krausen.
  7. as far as I can tell every Mr Beer refill comes with a packet of no rinse cleanser. I bought some other cleanser but haven't used it yet. I use a half pack for cleaning and the rest for bottling. in 8 batches I haven't had a problem yet. Seems to work great for me. and its almost free.
  8. I bottled my Grapefruit IPA today and I have to say it smelled amazing. I took a small sip and it wasn't too bad. I only got 10 .740 mil bottles from this batch. The amount of trube was quite allot. I had to use a siphon. I cant wait to try a bottle in 4 weeks.
  9. I brewed an IPA last week. I used Diablo IPA, 2 cups of amber ale LME and I used the 11.5 grams of safale us-05 yeast with 10 liters of liquid. I wanted to try something on my own after lots of reading. There is still about 2 inches of Krausen foam in the fermenter. I usually remove the collar after a week but didn't want to disturb my latest brew. Is it normal for the fermentation to take longer with the us-05 yeast? Its been at a pretty constant temp of 68.
  10. Brian, I am going to follow a recipe. I'm not knowledgeable enough to try on my own yet. I don't want to ruin any of my brews.
  11. Ok been savoring my first batch ever of BAA. Two bottle a week since I have bottled them three weeks in and all I can say is oh my my! I can't believe they will get better. The taste and feel is just amazing. I had my first Diablo IPA as well tonight and altho not what I was expecting was quite good. I know of I should have waited but I just couldn't help myself. Was a long day of fast pitch with my favorite second daughter and just needed a relaxing moment. I love my brews over anything else have ever had the pleasure of drinking. They were so satisfying and dericious!!! can't wait to make my next brew tomorrow. I have BAA an NWPA AND MY grapefruit IPA GOING. It smells amazing!! Tomorrow I am going to make my own ipa. I will post the results after I had the first cold one.
  12. Antny, thanks for the reply. I don't use the LBS I use the craft 2 gallon. Love it. I will cold crash everything. I have one in the mini fridge right now getting ready for bottling on sunday. I can't wait to make the grapefruit ipa. Lhbs has so many different things. They also are a brewhause. Gonna try a few new ones in the future. Salute!
  13. Ok so I add grapefruit skins first in sack. Let say in for an hour add 2 Oz of hops directly to the water? after another 20 minutes add 2 more Oz of hops directly to the water? Add another 2 Oz at flameout, this is when I turn off the heat and it quits boiling? All of the hops are free floating? add the LME and HME per directions. Just want to make sure I'm good to go. The city hops snell anazing. Can't wait to dip a pellet later.
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