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  1. Than this pic is very misleading lol
  2. I'm two weeks into conditioning my Abbey Dubbel batch and every week I put a bottle in the fridge then I crack it open so I can taste the progress. Now I noticed that I'm not getting any head on the beer but there is carbonation. Is this normally and as i reach 4 weeks of conditioning and beyond, will the head become more prominent like your Belgium beers suppose to have? I primed 1/2 tsp for the 12 oz long glass next bottles.
  3. Creeps, Exactly! Couldn't have put it any other way! My first 2 batches of Belgium I have put to the thresh hold to produce those crazy Belgium flavors.
  4. Ouch! Not cool at all if your talking about my beer..lol. Shit happens and it's a learning experience but you never know if this just inncident just makes my beer even better. I'm rooting for it though! ?
  5. Hey guys, so I managed to keep the best constant temp in any of my batches by placing it in the cooler....73-75 degrees for the last 4 days prior to my incident on day 1 of fermentation when it spiked to 83.4 degrees. This temp will remain 73-75 degree until the 3 weeks are up.
  6. Yeah I decided not to increase it either and let it do its natural course. Hopefully in the cooler, the 73 degree temp will maintains the cooler air temp so it should keep it fine. I'll see when I get home from work where we are at.
  7. Ok...taking your advice and going start putting it in this cooler for better temp control. Current temp 73 degrees. Living in Florida , the temp doesn't fluctuate much and it's always warm. But I know my wife like to drop the temp down in the house to the mid to upper 60 and that might cause problems. This way I have the heat pad on the bottom of the LBK. If needed to raise. I want to keep it between 73-76 for the rest of fermentation.
  8. Over night the temp dropped down to 72.5 degrees from the 74 degree it had when I used the ice packs to bring it down when it hit 83.5 degrees. Should I try to bring it back up to 74-77 or leave it as is?
  9. I actually have them on already and but you can't see it in this pic cause it's on the side and I have it below the wort level. But I feel my wort internal thermometer is the most accurate as its touching the wort surface.
  10. Hey guys, Temp back down to 74 degrees. Planning on keeping an eye on it now for the next few days with no towel on it. Zip lock bags of ice for 2 hours around the LBK worked. That was a close one and correct quick. If it wasn't for my digital thermometer that I have on my lid that is measuring my internal wort temp, I would have never known.
  11. True and thanks for the peep talk and the advice. I should have never added the towel during the first three days of fermentation. That should have been done after if needed. True on the moving on. I will document it and learn from it. Thanks MrWhy!!
  12. Update...Temp now down to 79.5....a couple more to go till I hit 74 than remove the bags of ice.
  13. I push it to the limit cause I want to get max ester phenols and since in this MrB recipe it says that the range of this yeast for this recipe is 68-76 degrees. "Put your keg in a location with a consistent temperature between 68° and 76° F (20°-25° C)" I know it important which is why I am worried. I never thought that the temp will increase by 15 degrees!!! Thats has never happened to any of my brews. I actually have to place them on a heating pad just to bring up the temp to the mid 70s. My mistake was probably covering it up with a towel to retain the heat cause my house does get cold (around 68 degrees). Could this have been the factor or is it that this beer has a lot of fermentable sugars due to the high ABV and a temp spike of 15 is normal?
  14. I saw that online when I researched it but is says: "FERMENTATION TEMPERATURE: 12-25°C (53.6-77°F) ideally 15-20°C (59-68°F)" ....What would be the off flavors at 83.5 degree on this yeast? I just put 5 zip lock bags with ice around the LBK to bring the temp down. Now, even if I correct the issue now and keep constant range of 73-76 for the remainder of the process, am I still going to get off flavors?
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