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  1. Fly sparging is a great method but adds allot more time to your brew day. Large brewers like this method for they can get the most out of there grain bill. For the small batch folks adding more malt to the recipe makes up for the OG difference if you want to save time. Lets say a recipe calls for a 10lb. for 5 gallons mash. Adding one or two extra pounds (pending on your set up) makes up the sparging difference to hit your marks. So you can see a large brewer would save on the grain cost. I personally I do all grain 5 and 10 gallon batches and like to fly sparge not for the savings but the love of a complete brewing experience.
  2. Flame out add the hops and start cooling. Whirlpool with a spoon during the whole process unless you have a pump with whirlpool arm.
  3. I bought a 5 cubic Ft. chest freezer for 50 bucks of Craigslist. I use the inkbird and its fantastic. I also use my wifes 11 dollar heating pad from Walmart.
  4. I just made Heavy McGhee with oak chip soaked in Makers Mark. I made my own oak chips and toasted them in the oven, since I have a shop in the back. I made a baseball size muslin sack and put it in a mason jar and filled with Bourbon. Let it set two weeks and pulled it out and let drain off. Threw it in on the last week in fermenter. Bottled and let condition for two months. My wife and I could not believe how awesome it turned out.
  5. Be sure to post how it turns out on this thread. I don't like the bittering hops myself.
  6. I searched craigslist and found 8 cases of empties 12 oz for 4 bucks a case. I picked them up today and they were in case boxes or 6 pack cartons. Only down side is I have to remove all the labels. Bottle capper and caps are dirt cheap. ....I'm only on my third batch and stock piling a variety.
  7. It would seem to me that after the Krausen it may be less likely than during. Reason being many people siphon to a second fermenter which not only is an open container no matter how well you transfer you are adding oxygen. Not denying what you said just trying to wrap my head around the process.
  8. Since the LBK doesn't have a air lock and has slits in the lid to release, would it not allow air to reenter after the first week high Krausen. Wouldn't opening the lid after 14 days or whenever to add hops or wood chips introduce air that you are trying to keep out?
  9. I wondered about that. The directions say sprinkle on top and don't stir. I watched a video in the forum by brew basics guys and they stirred theirs in. What is the reasoning MR B says don't?
  10. http://www.craftbeer.com/craft-beer-muses/back-to-school-for-beer-brewing-for-grades
  11. Wake Tech just down the street. In fact most colleges are adding it for NC is one of the biggest states with Micro brewers. This is no lie I have 4 in our small town. One has grown to providing along the east coast and is called Aviators brewery and another is small batch just for their little craft bar.
  12. Being a noob for my wife gave the kit for Christmas. My best friend has been brewing for a few years and now is taking courses at a local college. So when I'm ready I have my wizard close by. I also have three brewery's within 5 miles of me and all have small batch gathering at there places. There is also a brew club my friend is in that has several locals in it which I have been to a few. What I like about LBK is the size for its only for me and the wife and my bro if he likes some. I don't think I want 5 gallons of the same thing on hand at this time and with two gallon you can stock pile quite an arsenal of types. I have Diablo (came in kit) conditioning and will be ready in a week and I have Heavy McWee in the keg. When that is bottled Vodoo is next.
  13. C-YA thanks so much. That surly explains allot. And thanks to all for the quick trub ble replies. See where I was going with that....
  14. I'm really going to show my ignorance now. I've seen you post "see link in my signature" before and don't have a clue what that means. I see no signature or links and I clicked on every dang thing. lol
  15. Noob here, I noticed the Trub (dormant yeast) at the bottom of the LBK at and slighly above the fill spigot height and I'm one week in. I also plan on cold crashing before bottling. Do you guys siphon beer from the top when that occurs or how do you handle it. I'm making the Heavy Mcwee scottish ale and plan on letting it condition for 3 months and more. I hear you want to get as much trub as possible out for it can give undesirable taste over the long term. Any help would be appreicated.
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