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  1. Thanks again, your advice has always been spot on so I'll do this
  2. First batch in the fridge now, although I let it sit on the cake way too long didn't taste too bad. Only off taste is a slight sweetness which I think may be from the carbo drops, not exact enough on the 1/2 drop
  3. Since my first batch is conditioning in bottles I'm browsing for the next batch/batches (and knowing a bit more). My question is, in hot deals the seasonal 2 pack is 40% off but their best by dates are approaching, the ESB is best by February, does this mean brewed by, or fully conditioned? What's the end all of a best by date in regards to home brewing?
  4. Gnawking


    Love the home made LBK fridge
  5. Central tx, specifically Killeen, bout to retire here at ft hood
  6. Thanks JA, and Rick, and everyone. Pretty excited to be trying this but learning that I mishandled batch 1 was deflating. Won't give up and want to try some of the other recipes but not sure about the more complex stuff just yet. Rick, I read those posts and thank you for posting them, I'm sure more of it will become clear as I keep trying.
  7. Only reason I said a week or two was because of the suggestion earlier.
  8. It's in bottles but fear I ruined the first batch. If so almost makes me feel like I shouldn't try to brew and leave it to the folks that know better. Anyhow, will see in a week or so.
  9. Thanks guys I appreciate it. I did take a taste before bottling and tasted more bitter than I expected, can't say there was a vinegar taste for sure but could have been
  10. My starter kit came with American Classic light and at the suggestion from this forum to leave it in the LBK an extra week instead of the suggested two I left it in more like 5-6 weeks, will this affect my batch in a bad way? I was hoping longer meant better
  11. Howdy folks, new here and hope to learn this home brewing thing.
  12. Hello fellas. The wife was kind enough to buy me a starter kit for the holidays and I immediately followed the directions as best I could. My question is, after reading lot of these posts which are pretty detailed and technical, did I commit a major error by just following the directions on the kit? It came with the American Classic light and seemed a pretty easy process, this Friday will mark day 14 in the LBK. I appreciate any advice here. Thanks
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