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  1. RickBeer, thank you. That will fit the time frame they are here. Thanks again.
  2. Shrike, good suggestions all around. Especially the fall back on them bringing the beer. Nice.
  3. Good after noon. I do stick to the 3-4-3 method when brewing. However I mis calculated my time frame by a week. I just brewed a batch of Octoberfestivus on Wednesday and in order to have my guests that are arriving December 17 through December 21. Has anyone brewed this recepe before? I was hoping that three weeks in the LBK, three weeks in the bottles, and three days in the fridge would not make that much of a difference in taste. Any input would be appreciated.
  4. I added it to the Diablo, will let you all know the outcome. Thanks everyone for the input as always!
  5. Good morning, I have a new brew schedule now that the weather is finally cooler here in Texas. After getting everything in order I do have some extra cans with one extra Lme smooth pack. I have a Diablo IPA and a Long Play IPA, can I use this smooth packet with either one without affecting the taste? As always, thank you for your input.
  6. I did use the one that came with the kit.
  7. Ok Rick, thank you. I will let him know if he wants a high ABV brew, he will have to learn patience before drinking his first one.
  8. Thank you, I know every brew is different just wanted to make sure though. Also since you mentioned it, If I ever do make a super duper strong beer, do you suggest an extra week in the Lbk? Would it ruin the batch if bottled after only three weeks? My neighbor wants to try a high ABV batch, of course with one of my LBKs that is.
  9. Good afternoon everyone. I was going to bottle my surly dog today but notice that after 3 weeks in the Lbk, there is still some form at the top of the brew. Is this ok to bottle as I know every brew is different.mi have done 5 different brews and this is the first time it turned out like this after the 3 weeks. I did a sample taste and it does taste good.
  10. Thank you everyone, it appears that this is not a very difficult process. Just seem a more technical then it really is.
  11. I posted a thread earlier about useing a full size fridge to have my LBKs in and Rick informed me of a link to a Temp controller STC 1000. So,thank youmformtheminfo on that! Unfortunately I do not trust myself with building one, actually my wife does not. I have seen them on eBay when looking around last night. Are these the same ones that are already made. I have also seen some Johnson Control analog and digital ones as well. Does anyone use these or other ones that they would recommend for me to use. I have three LBKs and an extra full size fridge, so I would like to utilize it. Thank you.
  12. I read the forums but I am still not sure exactly what they are used for. Temp controllers that is.
  13. I was going to use a dorm room fridge to hold one of the LBKs mainly during the first week to control the higher temps but of course it won't work do to size. I do have a full size fridge in the garage that I was thinking of as plan b. Would it be possible to play with the temp control to get it around 65 to 68 degrees to store three LBKs at a constant temp during the three week period. Has anyone done this yet. I am currently keeping one in the cooler with ice bottles for about a week and then move it and store it were it is 65 to 68 degrees. Just want to minimize space and think this would be a better idea. Thank you for your input.
  14. I am new as well, started with the old Christmas gift set. As it turned out it is a fantastic gift. I have three LBKs and have done 8 batches. The same thing happend on my second batch, the only time. It was due to high temp. Now I use a cooler and am setting up a small dorm fridge this weekend to keep the temp down as well. Welcome and enjoy the ups and downs as you progress further along.
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