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  1. They never include instructions. Just use the recipe that's online.
  2. Santa Rita was my favorite that I have brewed so far. Mine was really good right at 4 weeks conditioning. I tasted with a SNV PA side by side and to me it tasted dead on at 4 weeks. I was so happy with it. The unfortunate thing is the hop character in mine faded really fast. A week later it was a completely different brew. Not bad just different. I still held onto 2 bottles to see how it changes but in my experience so far I think this will be better brew young. I may beef up the hops next time to see if that makes a difference.
  3. MrWhy did you use a HME or did you just bump up the steeping grains?
  4. I only have one LBK but building my equipment to do 5 gallon AG. I dont have the full set up yet to pull off 5 gallon and my LBK is in use. I was thinking about messing around with a hopped cider using some of my now mounting collection of MR.B under the lid yeasts that I keep chucking in my fridge but since its experimental I dont really want to brew 5 gallons of it and I am not a huge cider fan either. This one would be for the wife and guests.
  5. Any issues with fermenting 2.5 gallons in a 6.5 gallon food grade bucket?
  6. Anthony thanks the info was helpful. I dont know what I want it to turn out like since I am not a huge cider fan. Brewing it for the wife mostly. What did you use for yeast? After some research I may try to do it without ordering from Mr B. I have a spare packet of dry MrB yeast I was thinking about using.
  7. Glacial is whats in the MR B recipe. So I was just going to order the recipe because of the sale. What did you use? Did you use apple juice?
  8. I was thinking about running a batch of the new hopped cider recipe. I only have one LBK do I need to have the clear one to do this? And if I can use the one I have will it ruin it for future runs of regular brew?
  9. Brewed Angry Bovine with steeping grains tonight. I didn't end up ordering it when I started this post and put it off for a while. I am not sure if this will screw it up or not and I didn't notice until it was to late but I used Caramel 60 instead of Crystal 60. I figured it was my mistake when I ordered but checked the packing list and it says Crystal 60. I guess if it comes out good I have the Mr B packer to thank. Anyone have any idea what this will do to the final product?
  10. Guess I am learning something. My response on the ghost thread was almost the same as MRB Josh minus the links.
  11. I was the one response to his question. His question was related to recipes and looking for similar brews to some that commercial produced. Not sure if that may have been why it was removed or not.
  12. Watch the technique this guy uses. Should help you out. Skip to about 4:05 or so.
  13. Are you going to use both LMEs in the Bovine with grains?
  14. Yeah the sales usually dictate my brew sessions. Thanks for the advice. I am curious about what the oats would do.
  15. So steep Oats, 2 Row and Chocolate Malt into Bovine?
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