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  1. Sweet, Thanks for your needed help!
  2. another question, during step 4; how long do I allow the RB to ferment in the clear keg?
  3. crap!!!!!!!!! guess i hope for the best. thanks
  4. Im in the process of brewing my 1st batch of Hacked Rootbeer. Im trying to follow the instructions but they are kind of vague, once you get to the rootbeer stage. I hope I didn't make a mistake, because I used the beer yeast that came with the American Lite, and afterwards, I noticed that I have a separate packet of yeast. Do I add that to the rootbeer, beer, and sugar, in stage 2? I won't move until you guys give some direction. Thanks!
  5. what about the hacked root beer?
  6. Kris


    Welcome buddy, I'm a newbie also. I just had my 1st beer this weekend; This is an excellent hobby, and there's some wise dudes within this community. I've learned a ton, in a short time. Enjoying every sip.
  7. Kris

    My 1st Brew

  8. I bottled a batch on the 2nd, and I put one in the fridge, just to try it. This beer defiantly needs 3 weeks to condition. Think I'm going to go even longer; about 30 days.
  9. This is all useful information. your correct, I poured the wort away from me; and I believe that the put is way too big. Another question: do you have to use 4 cups of water to dissolve your wort?
  10. The instructional videos make it look so easy!
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