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  1. Hello all... my name is Lee and I'm here in Virginia; giving this home brewing thing a shot. Lee
  2. Good to know. I'll keep this in mind when I use the swing tops. Thanks!
  3. Hello all...I've wanted to try this home brew for a while and now I'm in a more stable position to do that. I've got my first batch in the LBK and I'm (semi-) patiently waiting until bottling time. My question...I brought back a rack (+) of swing top bottles from Germany. How do I know if the gaskets are still good? Where would I look for replacement gaskets? Should I just go with packaged instructions first and use the plastic bottles and caps in the kit until I figure out if I'm decently okay at this home brewing thing? Is there anything I should know before using the swing top bottles I have? thanks Lee
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