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  1. Yep, Got back from a little mini-vacation today and my order was waiting for me. Thanks guys!
  2. I wonder if it's the same glitch that hit me, I checked my order today because I haven't heard anything about shipping. I logged in and found it to be canceled. Monday I'll call and check! Good to hear they helped you out!
  3. What's this? Forgive me, I'm tired. Did I miss a recall or something on bottling kits? I have 2 brand new ones waiting for bottling on my day off Sunday. (Sorry to hijack the thread)
  4. I'm on the cooper's side of the fence. With the collar, you never have a mess. I did end up buying a 5 gallon setup from Mr Beer as well
  5. @AnthonyC i dont know remember who said we have to get together and race, but here's the namesake of my Horny Rabbit Brewery. We'll just sit and drink beer and watch.
  6. Did you dump the syrup in there too? I have 2 cans of CAL I don't know what to do with. I think I found something now.
  7. I would love to volunteer to be a lab rat for this.
  8. I don't, but I am watching this thread, as I feel the same way. Welcome!
  9. My biggest pet peeve is having to create an account to use the app.
  10. I would love this! I have played around with the Coopers as well, but not really active in that community.
  11. Have you known people to get sick from drinking their hydro samples? Sorry if that question is dumb.
  12. Thanks all. I figured it was closely related to the OP thread.
  13. Not to hijack thread, but a question. Similarly, same stout brew: my hydro readings are the same now and it's been 2 weeks. I'm going to give it another week as per the 3-4 rule. What exactly happens when the yeast "cleans up"?
  14. If anything, you've got a name. "Dirty Socks _____".
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