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  1. I finally got to crack one of my beers open to give it a taste today..... Terrible was the first word to come outing my mouth. The beer was bad. It started with a sour apple taste, not a even a good sour apple. Then as it goes down, I got a strong vinegar taste. The after taste was of a apple cider vinegar that over stayed it welcome. My wife tried a sip and spit it out immediately. I'm not discourage and I chauk this one up as a leaning experience. Now I'm ready to make another batch, hopefully I can get to making it this weekend. I been reading up on sterilizing and everything else, plus what you guys have taught me, I think I'll have a drinkable beer on this next run.
  2. Taking notes is good idea and I placed my notebook next to LBK. I just recently added notes in it from my first experience to help me better understand my future brews. So tonight, while listening to the Conway jr Show, I'm going to make my second batch and take notes.
  3. Thank you for the easy to understand information. It helps to understand why a bubble airlock is not worth it for the LBK lid.
  4. I edited my original post so not to be confusing. Yes I miss spoke on the carboy and I did just mean bubble airlocks. Wasn't thinking while sitting at the vet this morning. Anyway, why I was mention this because I have read that even though the Mr. Beer keg does have notches for Co2 to escape, it can also allow air to be pulled back in towards the end of the process, which could allow contaminates to enter. I've been reading about the LBK and one thing that I read was adding a bubble airlock to improve the process. Plus this was a thought and I wanted to see what people thought about it and to hear any comments regarding it. It sounded interesting to me after reading a lot of things about the LBK and this "adding a bubble airlock to improved the process" sounded interesting. Mr. Beer with bubble airlocks
  5. Ok so now I'm ready to do another batch while my first batch sits. I purchased the Bavarian Weissbeir and I'm going to start working on it later this week. Now I've read on this forum that some people are useing an airlock on there LBK by installing a bubble airlock and putting a rubber gasket around the lid to make it air tight. After reading about the LBK being air tight, it sounds like it's a good way to prevent outside contaminates to enter and helps the fermentation process. My question is, can I do something like this with the Mr. Beer refill kits or is this only for specific blends? What are some disadvantages? There seems to be advantage to having the LBK airtight with a bubble airlock installed on the lid that will allow the Co2 to escaped and not bring in any contaminates. I saw the original LBK had airtight lids. Comments?
  6. Thank you for this idea, I'm definitely going to do that! As I progress with this, I'm taking notes on my experiences to help me better understand the brewing process. This has been enjoyable and I'm already planning on my next batch that hopefully, I'll be starting by next week. I can't let my LBK sit empty.
  7. Tonight I just finished bottling. 2 weeks seems far away now, ha. Thank you for all the advice, cheers !
  8. It's been 24 days. (3-1/2 weeks). I started on Saturday, December 26, 2015 I read it shouldn't go past 4 weeks in the LBK.
  9. Checked on it today, with a flashlight, and it doesn't seem the floaters are settling down at all. In fact it still looks and still taste the same. A couple questions: - Does this mean it's infected? - Should I just go ahead and bottle it ? Suggestions are always welcome. Thanks for your reply's
  10. Thank you for the advice, I'll give it another week or so and hope for the stuff to settle down. I know this is my first attempt and I have to be patient, just like when I'm fishing. But I'm looking forward to making my own beer later on down the road, and I'm happy that I found a homebrew shop not to far from me! Cheers!
  11. I just got a kit for Christmas from my wife and I'm really excited about making my own beer. So I'm going to get to it real quick. First timer here. I did everything according to the instructions, even placing my LBK in a cooler to control the temp and let it have complete darkness. Saturday was the 2 week mark and when I opened it I saw what looks like oregano floating at the top. Today I checked it and it has not changed. I've sampled it and it has a sour taste to it, but not to much of a "sour apple or vinegar" taste, but it is on the sour side. There's the white solid stuff at the bottom of the LBK and it kind looks like it's also accumulated at the top on the sides. I've read that it's possible the yeast is, "cleaning up after the party". But I'm not sure what is going on?? So as a first timer in the home brewing world, I'm asking for some guidance and help! Heres a picture of what I'm talking about.
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