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  1. Thanks. I take all advice seriously. Thats why i ask. I was asking only because it would be niceto have a side by side comparison before trying a big batch. I was thinking only 1 or 2 bottles. But it all makes sense.
  2. I guess thats a good reason! Lol.
  3. So i would have to use a maple extract, instead of pure maple syrup? And cranberry extract instead of pureeing fresh cranberries? What would happen if i added pure syrup or fresh cranberry puree to the bottle?
  4. I was wondering, if i wanted to try flavoring my cider, say with maple, cranberry, or vanilla. Could i add it to the individual bottle when i am bottling?
  5. I used tap water. But i do live where we have the best tasting water in the USA. http://www.masslive.com/news/index.ssf/2015/02/easthampton_drinking_water_jud.html
  6. Thanks. Remember, i am new at this and just trying to learn all i can to make a good cider.
  7. They do not, but that doesn't mean you have to follow instructions. I asked because people who use carboys do a secondary fermentation.
  8. Bluejaye, do think it's necessary to do a secondary fermentation? I might not do it with this batch. My plan is to leave it in the fermenter for 2-3 weeks, then bottle. But if i do a secondary fermentation, i would leave it for another 3 weeks before bottling. I might try that on the 2nd batch to compare.
  9. After reading a lot of information about home brewing cider, i see a lot on secondary fermenting before bottling. This removes the cider from the dead yeast, and aides in clarifying the cider. Also helping to give it a less yeasty flavor. Any tips or info? Would i be ok to transfer the cider from the mr beer keg to the secondary fermenter using the spigot on the Mr beer keg? Seeing as the kegs spigot sits higher than the well on the botton of the keg, i feel as though i will transfer little yeast/sediment. This is my first time doing any type of brewing. Just want it to be good.
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