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  1. Bighead beer

    Bighead brewery

    It all started with Mr Beer, January 16th 2016 and now You can say I'm truly hooked!
  2. It's a bb recipe,parcial grain,turned out great can't wait for it to condition 

    1. AnthonyC


      Gotcha!  Sounds great!  Enjoy! :)

  3. Bighead beer

    Bighead beer

    Bottle washing day,bottling next Friday,remember my fellow brewers, sanitize, sanitize, sanitize!!! Before you bottles
  4. Getting ready for next week's ocktoberfest Brew up,partial grain,next step biab
  5. Nothing in there yet, but in another 2weeks a brewer's best ocktoberfest partial grain 5gallon brew up, just bottled a 4 1/4 gallon supped up cal for the wife, and 4 1/4 gallon chug a lugger, and got a 6 gallon ppa in the spiedel fermenting, sadly I'm at my limit for bottles ATM,gotta drink up my 2 cases of cream ale.
  6. I see lagering in my future now creeps,and no more struggling with temp control!!
  7. Bighead beer

    Bighead up and running

    My chest freezer and inkbird ,.....friggin awesome!!!!
  8. Bighead beer

    Bighead brewing

    Powerful patriot
  9. Nice find on those clearance brews!  Kudos to the Mrs! :)

    1. Bighead beer

      Bighead beer

      She also cooks and cleans and she aint hard to look at in the morning either lmao

    2. AnthonyC


      Haha...  lucky man!  

  10. Cal and Mexican cerveza, What to do, what to do?, not a big fan of Mexican beer(carona)hope I can make something very tasty from this ,suggestions would be greatly appreciated
  11. where have you been?  Do you not love us?  Ive been missing you...

    1. Bighead beer

      Bighead beer

      Mad busy at home and work,going to new Jersey to watch my granddaughter dance in competition today, prolly be on tomorrow 

  12. Taste awesome too , can't wait to see what it taste like after 6weeks in the bottle
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