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  1. Thanks guys! I'll probably try a little honey and orange zest and leave the rest alone. Thanks guys!
  2. I live in San Angelo Texas. I was just hoping there would be a cheap way to make some decent beer with this CAL I have. I was hoping adding some honey for ABV, oatmeal for mouth feel, and some citrus for flavor but if this sounds horrible then I'll bow to the judgment of the more experienced and just save it until I come across some booster.
  3. I like the sound of oatmeal! How would I go about adding this to my brew? Nevermind, I found the search function. I'm thinking about adding oatmeal, honey and some orange peel. Sound any good?
  4. I don't have any local access to malt and I'm not trying to spend lots of money on this CAL, I just wanted a bit more flavor and ABV. I was hoping a cup of honey would be the ticket but I'm open to adding more than just honey to up the flavor. I know that ideally adding malt is the key but if I'm going to order malt then I might as well just order a different refill.
  5. I have an extra can of CAL and would like to make something with more flavor and ABV than the 3.1 that this would produce. I've read a few recipes that add a cup of honey to CAL and I am thinking of doing this. I don't have access to a local home brewing shop so any additional ingredients would have to come from a grocery store.
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