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  1. Awesome, thanks for all the tips and kind words. I am going to be in this hobby for a long time and I plan on having beer brewing/conditioning at any given time and hopefully have a decent pipeline. This rookie brewer isnt like the rest as I have plenty of patience and I try to forget about it until i get the notification on my phone that today is bottling day, etc. So, for now i have the Czech Pilsner conditioning and a batch of the Mexican Cerveza fermenting. Im about to order another batch as we speak along with some of the suggestions that you guys have for accessories. Thanks a bunch!
  2. Hello, all first post here while also being a first time brewer. I have my first batch conditioning Czech Pilsner) and I have my second batch fermenting as we speak. (following the 3/4 rule of course). I have already picked out my next beer of choice to order, but what are some essential accessories that I can add to the order to further make this a successful hobby for me?
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