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  1. Drank the last bottle tonight...ugh! Not sure how long it would have to condition to get rid of the "bite". Oh , well. Had to try.
  2. The flakes that hang around your house??? Relatives!
  3. A phrase I periodically hear is "I wear this MSU tshirt because I graduated from MSU. You wear that MICHIGAN tshirt because you shopped at Walmart."
  4. My basement temp stays about 68 F even during the summer....I have room if you need a place to store your brews. I promise not to open any of them!
  5. My wife of 35 years knew what SWMBO stood for...she also reminded me that it was a test question back in "husband school"...a test I obviously failed. Ouch!
  6. Definitely drinkable, but not ready to share with friends.
  7. Just an update on Dads Cream Ale with booster that was bottled on January 23, 2016. Forum was right on conditioning time. Tonight I drank a bottle that finally did not have a "bite" to it. Definitely gassy, though. I have six bottles still conditioning. Will wait two more weeks before trying the next one.
  8. As you can tell we are easily amused...have fun!
  9. True, booster is not part of recipe, but since it came with the order from Mr. Beer, I added it. According to booster package it is supposed to add 1.3 ABV to a 2 gallon recipe. So 6.55% may be a good ballpark number. Will find out in about a month about the taste. Thanks
  10. Pretty sure I was following the instructions...tastes good so far (albeit flat) This is only my fourth batch; first time using hydrometer, first time for Dads Cream Ale and definitely first time using booster (booster came with the order).
  11. Been a steady 70 degrees from start. Have not bottled it yet, been waiting for FG to stop dropping. Will have to pay more attention to OG next batch. What would a reasonable ABV be for Dads Cream Ale with booster? Thanks
  12. Question...Mr Beer website claims Dads Cream Ale ABV at 5.1% My present batch (with booster) has been fermenting for three weeks and (using the hydrometer readings) show ABV at 6.55%. Is this 6.55% possible? Seems high to me.
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