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  1. Long time since I posted here so here goes. 6lb 2 row 2lb pilsner. 1lb vienna. 1lb white wheat. 1lb honey malt. Chinook .50 60min. .50 cascade 30min .50casade 10min. Sound like a good recipe to u guys?
  2. No its not. I switched the cascade an Chinook around.
  3. 8lb pilsner 2lb pale malt. 4oz honey malt. 1lb white wheat 1lb Vienna 1lb honey at flame out .5oz cascade 60min .5oz cascade 20min .5oz Chinook 10min. 2 packs safal us05. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
  4. Thanks guys I'm goin to try it.
  5. I was just siting here having a few American gold cold ones (witch are fantastic) and I just had the idea about it. I still mite try mostly dme and see how it is.
  6. Thanks Mrb Tim I was just curious I have some dme I'll add that to it. I'm all about experminting
  7. Thanks bighead beer. I was just curious. I have read some threads on this.
  8. I have a can of cal and wanted to make a 5g batch. I was wondering if I added 3-5 cups of cane sugar to it,if the abv would be good? Or not to try it at all? I've been experminting lately and thought maybe this would be a good light beer. Thanks for any suggestions.
  9. Yes I have thought about all the extra things like the bottles,more cal. But I use glass and all ready have enough cal to last awhile. I'm also in the process of experminting and I have found a recipe I really enjoy and want to produce 6g+at a time. I use the Lbk for experminting with recipes and if I like it I want to produce 6g+. If mr beer had the 6g for sale separately I would buy 3 to make 18g of my favorite recipe and stock up for summer
  10. I just may have to buy a 6g fermentor else where. I would really like to buy from Mr beer, I like there product. But I not guna wait for months to be able to buy mr beers 6g fermentor
  11. Will mr beer ever sell the 6gal fermentor separate, and not have to buy the whole kit? I've got 3 cans of cal and want to brew them all at once. But I do not want to have to buy the kit, witch includes 3 cans of cal. I all ready have everything except the 6g fermentor.
  12. Thanks bighead beer this is for my wife she went to Vermont a few years ago and fell in love with this beer. I'm guna try the beligan blanc and try it your way. Thank you guys for your input!:)
  13. Thanks newmoon brewer. I will give it a try.
  14. Does mr beer have a recipe close to this?or does anyone know a recipe for this? Thanks for any info!
  15. I used the 750ml. But my next batch will be done in glass bottles.
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