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  1. Thanks, I now see I confused the two terms above.
  2. I already refrigerated the whole batch going on 4 days now, If I take it out will it start to condition again? I fermented for 20 days and conditioned for 4 weeks.... kind of assuming its not going to get any better. I read a few forum posts (Not mr beer just googled cidery beer) and they mostly talked about an aceto based infection and were talking about sanitizing. I trust what you are saying which is why I am posting here and not anywhere else but one thing I've learned about beer making is that opinions and facts can vary widely based on the group of people you talk to lol.
  3. I finally got to the point where I can drink my first batch. It was just a can of CAL but mine ended up on the cidery side. From what I've read I probably got an infection somewhere. Everything I have seen on the aceto infections said that their beer had little to no carbonation though however mine is just where I would expect it to be, is it possible its something else?. I think where I went wrong was when I hoped that just soaking my 12oz bottles in one step solution for 10 minutes was going to be good enough, on bottling day I found myself without a bottle brush and i didn't have a lot of options. One other thing that I suspect may have been an issue was letting my primed beer sit in the fridge (i think for 12 hours) for an additional cold crash because I read on some forum to do that, which I now think is totally unnecessary. I have been following what I believe to be standard practice with not worrying if any bottles, caps etc. are still wet with one step, unless I am wrong? My main reason for posting is to just see if anyone else had some good advice, hopefully I haven't ruined any of the other 5 batches I have made, I have been thoroughly cleaning my bottles since the first batch and haven't done any secondary cold crashes.
  4. Yeah it was off like sulfur. Seemed odd but glad to hear its in the norm.
  5. Awesome, makes me feel better. I thought I screwed something up. Thank you.
  6. Well basically I don't understand why the Chewbeerca (Inl LBK 4 days) has no Foam at top and Millenium Falconer (In LBK for 11 days) still has an inch of foam. I don't know much about the way different beers ferment so it might be perfectly fine I just wanted to see what was going on.
  7. The Chewbeerca is now my 6th brew and I noticed something weird and Im not sure whats going on. I brewed Thursday night, so about four days fermenting now, and all of the foam on top is completely gone. There are some patches of just bubbles and some flake looking things floating about. I also felt like the batch had a strange smell compared to the rest of the brews I made but I figured because this had much more malt and a different yeast it was just a different smell. Now the millennium falconer that has been brewing for over a week still has a good inch of foam on top... I tossed in the dry hops on Thursday for that batch, not sure if that would bring the foam back up? I opened the lid to the Chewbeerca to see what it smelled like inside and I didn't get much of the "Strange" smell but it did smell somewhat like alcohol. I have been keeping everything at the low end of the ideal temp range for T-58 (59F-68F) but it did go up to 66 the other day when my wife put the ice pack in the wrong cooler . One thing I noticed when I was sanitizing the LBK was the One Step had left some white particles at the bottom after I emptied it, I did throw more sanitizer back in and thought I swirled it around enough to dissolve the rest of the one step but maybe some was left in? Anyways I hope I didn't ruin this batch, I was really looking forward to it. Thanks in advance for any help/advice.
  8. Hello, I am working on my first batch and had a couple of questions that I couldn't quite find by searching. I am at day 18 on the CAL and tested the FG 48 hours ago and I wrote down 1.008. Today I tested it and am reading 1.009. It should be going down though, right? I'm probably dumb and looked at the reading wrong the first time. Anyways does 1.009 seem like an accurate FG for the CAL? This is the kit without the booster in case that matters. I was hoping to cold crash 24 hours and bottle tomorrow so I can start another batch. Is there anything added in waiting longer after FG is stable? I have a wireless meat thermometer taped to the back of my LBK and insulated with a paper towel folded over a couple times. The metal directly touches plastic with papertowel guarding it from ambient air. Does this sound like it would get an accurate liquid temp or should I be adding a couple of degrees? I live in south Florida so it is difficult to keep temps at 68F. LBK sits in a cooler and I am putting ice packs in to try and keep it down. I started my second batch a week ago and was trying to mimic the All America Gold recipe with some ingredients I got from my LHBS and a can of CAL. I wanted to buy bulk ingredients so i could experiment with them in future brews. I assumed pellet hops of the same name should be the same thing but I substituted the "1 BrewMax DME Softpack - Pale" with an equal amount of "Briess CBW Golden Light DME". I was looking for a pale like the recipe called for but the LHBS did not have a pale DME, the owner told me this was the closest thing he had to a pale. At the time I just took his word for it but after I left I started doubting how similar it will be. The LHBS is an hour away so I just went ahead with the plan. Anyways, how similar are these and how do you think it will turn out? Thanks!
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