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  1. Thanks for the correction, RickBeer. So adding the hops in from flameoff and keeping them in the wort for the full duration of fermenting is for maximum flavor and aroma with slight bitterness compared to dry hopping?
  2. For dry hopping the recommended advice I have come across is to add it to the wort for 5 days towards the end of fermentation. This results in aroma and flavor, but not much bitterness. To increase bitterness the hops would need to be boiled with the malt for 50+ minutes when creating the wart. The 1776 Ale recipe calls for adding the hops right after the water boils and is removed from the heat source. Then it says to leave the hops in the LBK until fermentation is complete (~3 weeks). What does this do?
  3. This is the second beer I am brewing. I still haven't had my first beer yet, but I'll get to have a bottle in two days (7 weeks 3 days total time). The whole wait has been pretty easy up until now. I just want to drink a bottle knowing it is in the fridge! Anyway, I want to make sure I understand the process for this lager with the cold yeast. 1. Two weeks 3 days at 54-60 F. 2. Then 4 days at 65+ F. 3. Bottling and carbonation at 70 F for 2 weeks. 4. Lagering at 35 F for 2 months. 5. Enjoy with friends.
  4. I'm really excited for this lager brew. It will be hard waiting at least 3 months, but it will definitely be worth it.
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