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  1. Since I was not overly impressed with CAL (it was your typical weak tasting light beer) I was not expecting a lot from the Cowgirl Honey Light. But last night I tasted my first "Cowgirl Honey Light" and it was the most amazing beer I've made to date! I thought my St. Patrick's Stout was good but this one takes the prize. I will definitely be brewing this one again. It poured to a thick head and the head retention was long. It was smooth with a light malty flavor and a slight hoppy finish. IMPRESSIVE BEER!
  2. I've got the Cowgirl Honey Light bottled and conditioning as we speak. It tasted great out of the LBK on bottling day so my expectations are high for it once it has conditioned. Your post (Ga Ced) is encouraging.
  3. Of course, MichaelL, It is entirely possible that you may not live until Wednesday, much less May 11th if you keep telling everyone your wife's age. She may end your life and drink your beer for you!
  4. Awesome labels! If the beer turns out as good as the labels you have nothing to worry about! Welcome to the forum!
  5. I brewed my own recipe with an 8.0 ABV and I called it "Rabid Bee Nectar." On both sides of the label I placed an angry looking bee. I will have to post a picture of it soon. I've not tasted it yet because I'm allowing it to condition for at least eight weeks. I get most of my graphics off of a public domain clip art site.
  6. I'm in Abilene. I wish we had a homebrew store here.
  7. You messed up! The only thing you can do is box up those bottles of beer and send them to me and start another batch. I'll be glad to drink (oops) I mean dispose of those beers for you. Congrats on your first batch my friend.
  8. LOL! And you must'ave been smoking something along with those brews you were drinking! Love it!
  9. Welcome Styx and Daddy Styx! Just remember that the only stupid question is the one you DON'T ask. Good luck with the new brew hobby. I look forward to you sharing with us how they turn out.
  10. If mine tastes a little like cider after fermentation, I will leave it in the LBK a couple of days longer and this usually takes care of the cider taste, then I bottle/carbonate my batch. Time cures most everything, whether in the LBK or in the bottle. Patience is the key.
  11. Hey MRB, When are you going to have the BrewMax LME SoftPacks that are out of stock, back in stock? There are several recipes I want to try that call for these "missing in action LMEs." I'm getting thursty just at the thought of running out of my favorite brews.
  12. Item #7 on the brewing instructions for Powerful Patriot says to sprinkle both packets of yeast in the LBK. Happy brewing and let us know how it turns out!
  13. The only thing those screw top bottles are good for is for playing spin the bottle with a bunch of beautiful women!!!! If you decide to do that, invite me to play!
  14. I don't necessarily want to add it, I've just read several recipes that included brown sugar and I was curious as to the contributing traits of this to wort. Is it improved mouth feel, increased ABV, added flavor or what?
  15. I would like to know what your experiences have been in adding brown sugar to your mix? Positive, negative, and/or do's and don'ts??? I know that the more sugars that you add you must also increase your bittering.
  16. I went to the store and bought some just to keep me from opening mine before the 4 week mark. The 17th (which is St. Patrick's Day) will be 4 weeks so I can celebrate St. Patrick's Day properly!
  17. This one will be GREAT! You've picked the perfect beer for that label too.
  18. I use 12 oz longnecks and I have six different brews I would like to compare. I have always limited myself to two beer an evening so opening six longnecks and drinking them in one evening is the problem. I'm in the medical field and could get called in anytime, so becoming drunk is not an option.
  19. Well, I now have a new problem! I would love to do a side by side taste test of all my different brews, however, I am acquiring so many different brews that I can't do it without opening too many beers that would then have to be either finished off or go to waste. I guess I'll just have to wait until next Christmas when my kids will be home and we can open one of each and pour a couple of ounces of each in jiggers and all compare them together. That way there will not be any waste nor will I get too bombed to remember the taste comparison. Any suggestions?
  20. Or was that meant to be "Butt Brown Ale?" Or perhaps an ailing brown butt? Or Brown Butt Ale? You've all got me so confused now
  21. I guess I've never tasted the raw HMEs. Now you've all got me curious. I guess when I start my Klondike Gold tomorrow I'll have to take a taste after I've emptied the can in my wort mix.
  22. From Texas, Welcome to the forum and to the brew scene!
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