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  1. I spilled some of my 2nd batch (St. Patrick's Irish Stout) and I couldn't tell that it made a difference.
  2. I am a widower with children/grandchildren that all live out of state so I have time on my hands and I don't necessarily put a label on every bottle, just the ones that I will share with family and friends. It makes it look more professionally done which impresses them.
  3. I like them! How did you do the caps? I never thought of doing a cap design.
  4. I like them! How did you do the caps? I never thought of doing a cap design.
  5. Hoppytobrew


    My first two brews bottled and labeled! Classic American Light bottled 2/18/2016 and St. Patrick's Irish Stout bottled 2/25/2016.
  6. From the album: Hoppytobrew

    My "Alamo Commemorative Label" since the battle of the Alamo ended March 6th and my Aztec Mexican Cerveza should be bottled on that day.
  7. I'd like to see some of the creative beer labels you've all come up with. Since the fall of the Alamo was March 6, 1836, and since I'm from Texas, I came up with an "Alamo Commemorative Label" for my Aztec Mexican Cerveza which will be bottled on or around March 6th.
  8. I've always used the carbonation drops. If I wanted to use table sugar how much would I use per 12 oz. bottles and PET bottles to get the same results as the Mr. Beer carbonation drops?
  9. Welcome Broox!! I just bottled my 2nd ever batch this morning. Classic American Light and St. Patrick's Irish Stout. Reading the forums have taught me a lot. Don't be afraid of asking the questions you will have as it goes on. These guys are great and are willing to help. Again, Welcome to the Mr.Beer family!!!!
  10. I came up with a neck label for my bottles and I tried your milk trick and it worked great! Thanks for the tips.
  11. OK, thanks. I'll try that next time.
  12. I always look forward to the Beer Geeks show. I've enjoyed Michael Ferguson's expertise and watching his love for good beer and good food pairings.
  13. Oh well, it's what's inside the bottle that matters in the end any way, and once you drink it (or maybe several) you'll not care if it's labeled or not. If you name your next brew after her, perhaps she'll make you some labels for it (Just don't name it something like, "The Witches Brew" and tell her it's named after her or you may be wearing that beer, bottle and all).
  14. I wanted something that would come off easily after the bottles are empty so I used pieces of pre-gummed laminating sheets cut a 1/4 of an inch on each side larger than the labels. That way the only gummy part that is actually touching the bottles is the 1/4 of an inch that overlaps the paper. With Microsoft Word you can design any kind of label you like and make it as professional looking as you wish. Next I plan on making a small label for the necks of the bottles.
  15. I just made the label in a Microsoft Word document.
  16. Give us a report on how each one tastes and compare to each one.
  17. Thanks! I hope it tastes as good as it looks.
  18. Here is a picture of my first bottle, label and all. Can't wait for conditioning to be done so I can try one.
  19. My thoughts exactly! No beer is too bad to cook with.
  20. I bottled some American Classic Light yesterday and am anxious for the conditioning time to pass. The pre-bottle taste test was great even without carbonation so I can imagine that the finished product will be a success. I've also got some St. Patrick's Irish stout one week in the LBK, and started a new batch of Aztec Mexican Cerveza yesterday after bottling the ACL and re-cleaning/sanitizing the equipment.
  21. I continue to use my two LBKs too. Since I am a widower with four grown children living in different states, anything more than two gallons at a time and I might run out of places to keep all that conditioning beer.
  22. Congratulations on your 1st brew! I brewed my Classic American Light at 68 degrees and it turned out great. I attempted to keep it about 65 but my 68 degree batch lacked nothing when it came to taste.
  23. I don't brew for the ABV but for the flavor. I am more interested in discovering which brews pair well with what foods. One of my favorite shows on TV is "Beer Geeks."
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