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  1. I would like to give an update. I used the carafoam as instructed and the results were perfect. this last batch was the best to date. thanks to all
  2. I recently purchased a kit with liquid yeast for the first time. it was a next day delivery, the yeast was a german ale. it was warm when I received it. is it still ok to use?
  3. Thanks everyone. I have an LHBS near me , I will get some of the carapils or carafoam and give it try.
  4. Thank you all for the input. I am enjoying making my own beer and look forward to expanding the process but only with help from the Mr. Beer community.
  5. first time brewing , I did an Aztec brew and did not get the foamy head that I think I should have, actually didn't get one at all. I have good carbonation and the brew tastes good. what did I do wrong if anything?
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