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  1. I was thinking I'm pitching too warm
  2. I was room temp at 67 to 69 for that batch. Two batches since then I've brought the room temp down to 64 to 66. That's the same from day 1 to 21.
  3. Can anyone shed some light on sour beer for me? I had pint at local craft beer bar recently. I'm a fan. I'm assuming champagne yeast is used. Like a cider but it was very dry and not as sweet.
  4. Yes. I'm just not sure if it's a conditioning thing or I'm not getting the wort temps low enough when I'm making it. I'm using cold water but I don't think I'm getting it cold enough from what I'm reading.
  5. Really? Aztec cerveza still too green after 6 and 7 weeks? Btw, sampling my new batch of Canadian blonde with lme. 24 hours cold crashed and 4 weeks conditioned. Still cloudy and slightly cidery. Can home brews be cleared up?
  6. I'm way late on finding this post but I have the same problem. 7,8 weeks of conditioning and still "yeasty"/mildly cidery. So I'm having my first bottle of a new batch of Canadian blonde that's been bottled for 4 weeks. I cold crashed this batch in the lbk for 24 hours before bottling. Tastes the same. I don't refrigerate long before drinking though. Anywhere from 6 hours to a day. Just long enough to get it cold. Anyway, 4th batch, still cloudy, still yeasty, still cidery. Any advice? Or is this just e way of the home brew?
  7. So I'm finishing up a batch of Aztec cerveza that I bottle six or seven weeks ago. This is the same batch I had a couple cidery bottles from the last couple weekends. Tonight I'm enjoying a bottle with none of the cider taste. It's dryer and a little seltzery. Not bad though. Added a little fresh squeezed grapefruit to the glass to brighten it up. The first half dozen bottles I drank in weeks 3 through 5 tasted "normal", then I ran into the cider. Now a little different variation. It really interests me how one batch can produce subtle differences. Differences that I'm not sure are the product of conditioning . And I'm still not convinced those two cidery ones weren't the result of being the bottom of the barrel.
  8. Coop

    Taste test

    Yeah it's probably doomed.
  9. Coop

    Taste test

    Yeah I just slip a shot glass under the spigot so I don't disturb it. I'm always curious to see how it's taking shape. Usually it just tastes like flat beer. These were much different. Rambling red was the first time I've used a booster. The patriot didn't have a booster but that was the first time I've steeped hops. May be a disaster, may be a hit. Time will tell.
  10. Coop

    Taste test

    Ferment. I know it's miles away but I was just curious. I always take a teaspoon nip off every batch I've made. These two are the first I've been able to taste alcohol in.
  11. Dang, had a tiny sneak taste of my roses rambling red and powerful patriot at the end of week 2. Both were very alcohol forward if you will. Not that I'm complaining. Curious to see where they end up.
  12. Dang! Had just a tiny sneak taste of my roses rambling red and my powerful patriot at the end of week 2 in the lbk's.  Both were primarily alcohol forward if you will. Not that I'm complaining. Very curious to see where they end up.

  13. Come take a shower at my place and use only the cold knob. Then check your formula and let me know if it's cold or not. Lol.
  14. The instructions say to fill the lbk then top off with cold water. I've only used cold tap water, never refrigerated water. I didn't read anything about refrigerated water until now. Maybe my cold tap water isn't cold enough.
  15. Coop


    I was researching the wort temp controllers and as luck would have it we need a new refrigerator. The old one will work perfectly in the garage for my brewing endeavors.
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