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  1. Hi guys sorry to post and ghost. I had not one but 2 deaths in my family the same day at 2 ends of the country and had to make a decision on who's funeral I was going to. That royally sucked.. Hey Stoomer thanks for the reply. The recipes I have tried so far is the CAL and Mexican Cerveza. Now, that being said and after my long winded post, I did fail to add as was pointed out by another user above me here that when bottling, it tasted fantastic out of the LBK. The issue was after bottling. I came home late last night and decided today to grab another and give it a try. I will say, it no longer smells like green apple. It has a very bland watered down miller high life taste with a HINT of green apple. I would say a quick few more days and that will be gone and left with very bland miller high life tasting beer which just happens to be the Mexican cerveza refill with no booster. HME only. So I guess it is just a matter of waiting lord knows how long for it to condition. I will say it is now very crisp and clean but bland. With some steeping grains, this would be a decent base to start a decent recipe. The waiting game is just horrible though.
  2. When I typed in green apple in the search bar I was shocked to see how many posts there actually was. I will say this in the most respectful way I can, this used to NEVER be a issue EVER with Mr Beer products. Before the company was sold I brewed literally dozens and dozens of batches and using a 2-2-2 method I NEVER had this issue and after only 6 weeks, beer was awesome. What has changed over the years? I have had 2 batches both turn out green apple tasting so bad they were undrinkable. My last one was in the lbk for 3 weeks and has been in the bottle 2 months now and still tastes like crap. 1. It can not be my water. I brewed a 5 gallon batch using steeping grains and briess LME and after a 2-2-2 method, it is fantastic! 2. Sanitizing is no issue for me. I do not use cheap sanitizer. I only use StarSan. 3. I'm not a newbie, been at it since 2009 4. ferment temps were in the mid to lower 60's and conditioning has been around the 70 degree mark. So here I sit in the same boat as the OP and countless others who have reported green apple tasting beers. I am the myth buster when it comes to the crappy water myth or not cleaning /sanitizing good enough and my temps have been spot on. Any ideas? I got 2.25 gallons of beer that is useless. I know .... let it condition for 9 more months. This is 2 refills in a row that have had this. Until I get this figured out I can not use MrB refills anymore. I WILL continue to use my LBK's and bottles though. I am trying to be as respectful as I can here. I have always loved catalina products as a company and always used their products. I am open to anything. I love the idea of MrBeer in a pinch for small batches or when I just don't have time to brew a 5 gallon batch. Now my hands are tied. I cant keep tieing up $35 in a 2 pack of refills that taste like crap. When for less than or close to $20 I can brew up a great tasting 5 gallon batch. And if I hijacked this thread, please forgive me and feel free to move it to its own thread if needs be.
  3. Wow! I dont know. I can see where $15 for StarSan would seem like a big amount for some but for as long as it lasts with so very little needed for a 5 gallon bucket of water, I'll hold just until a cloud forms then it gots to go lol I'll splurge on another $15 for more StarSan as needed. Chunky .... Nahh.
  4. I once read on the old mrbeerfans.com site that a guy had starsan for almost a month. I was like holy smokes! A tad to long for me. I hold it in a bucket. The moment it starts to get the slightest bit cloudy, out it goes. Ill just mix up more. Even then I rarely to never save it. Why risk it.
  5. That's kind of what I was thinking to be honest. When I read that and my wife found out, it kind of put the kaboshes on kegging home made soda which was a real bummer because I love root beer and seriously want to try kegged Mr Root beer. Thanks for confirming for me that it is good to go bud. Much appreciated!
  6. I have been wanting to try Mr Rootbeer for a very long time now. I always wanted my own rootbeer on tap. I talked with someone a long time back and they said dont keg soda that it was causing issues with kegs blowing out or some stupid stuff. Confirm or deny? I want root beer and my wife wants me to do her some cherry cola. On tap would be sweet!
  7. yeah 64 would be real nice. I would take that temp any day of the week for a good ale.
  8. To get the best utilization of the hops, you should just toss them in. You get better hop results. However, if it was I and I was just dry hopping in a MrBeer LBK, I would use a sack. Now when it comes to a boil, I never use a sack. I want to get every bit of hoppiness I can get.
  9. Welcome back! I really hope it turns out well for you. There is nothing better than producing a beer that puts a smile on your face every sip you take.
  10. I can honestly say I have never caught much static if any at all for using Mr Beer products. I moved down South Illinois and I found a local home brew club and one of the members owned a LHBS. So at this meeting I introduced myself and asked them not to throw stones but I started out as a Mr Beer brewer and still use their products such as the LBK's and bottles and brewtensils. Come to find out, MrBeer is where most of these guys got their start! Nice! As far as the LHBS guy goes, i shop at his shop often and even though I have since bought ale pails and all my AG brewing equipment, I still enjoy tossing a batch or two together in small quantity in the Mr Beer LBK's. I must admit, since the Coopers buy out, I no longer use the refills or ingredients unless they are bought as a gift for me. I just don't like them as much as I did the old mr beer refills. Now that I have moved on, I will never knock Mr Beer users though and as a matter of fact, I just referred a few guys in the last week to purchase Mr Beer to get started. I love how easy it is to brew using the system. Hell if I can pull it off and make beer anyone can!!
  11. I think one of the rare ones that hold over time really well is StarSan. Not sure about Idophor as I don't use it. I never let onestep go days on end.
  12. My Azteca will hit the Refrigerator this Thursday for 2 weeks to finish out. I have 5 Gallons of Redhawk Ale hitting the bottles today. Was supposed to do it yesterday but got lazy.
  13. Yeah cost does play a major role. One of the deciding factors in me going with Ag and BIAB. In the end it is just cheaper and especially when you can find deals like that on hops and caps and such. As far as the topic of batch priming goes, I think that is one aspect of brewing most people should get in to if they do not jump right in to kegging. Batch priming just makes things so much more consistent across the board as well as (as was pointed out) less trub in the bottles. Makes for a much cleaner beer. And don't let batch priming fool you (the new brewers). I have batch primed MrBeer batches as well. I boiled my water and corn sugar and dumped in to a freshly sanitized MrBeer LBK and racked my batch from a fermenter on to the one with my now corn sugar solution. Just be very careful that everything is very well sanitized and when you rack the beer, make it so the beer enters the new LBK in a gentle swirl motion. Never let it splash and get wild. You will oxidize your beer.
  14. Well, I got the handy dandy Mr Beer measuring spoon and some other gadget that makes measuring as simple as can be so it is no biggie. The allure to batch priming is simple. Even when using these real easy to measure devices, sugar amounts will vary from bottle to bottle. So to get a nice consistent beer, one should batch prime. That way you get the same mixture in every single bottle. In theory, each bottle should be identically the same carbonation wise. I am not real picky my self when it comes to carbonation as I don't enter competitions but if I did, it would be a very big deal. Now all that being said, I normally keg my beer and force carb. However, when I moved in to my new house, apparently the garage was wired wrong. I plugged my refrigerator in that I keep my kegs in and a real nice big pretty blue spark went ZAP out from under it. Burnt up!! So one rewire job later and the garage is now correct but fridge is burnt. So bottle priming it is. Ohhh and not to mention my bottling bucket I did have got cracked/split in the move to the new house some how.
  15. Yeah I been at it since 2009 brewing. I recall the old Mr Beer saying you can have great tasting beer in 3 weeks!! Uhhhh no! I go 2-2-2 at bare minimum. Sometimes 3 weeks in primary if I am to lazy to bottle after 2 weeks. As far as my bottles go, I do have 16 of the new smaller Mr Beer Bottles that I bottled this Azteca in. The beer in my other post is using the old Mr Beer 32 oz bottles. I do have a mix of old and new Mr Beer stuff. I started with Mr Beer in 2009 and bought 3 LBK's, 32 32oz bottles, refills out the ying yang etc etc and the brew tools kit that came with the old club order. Once Mr Beer was sold out, I never used their products ever again. I went to extracts/steeping grains and all grain. Just recently, 2 or 3 months ago, my mother in law bought me a Mr Beer Refill pack and a box of the new smaller sized bottles. That is how I got back in to using some of the Mr Beer equipment and products again. Personally I love using the LBK's and the bottles big and smaller. Price wise, I would rather brew all grain. Its MUCH cheaper and taste way better.
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