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  1. Or whoever it with the links in their signature? Lol don't really know who it is for sure. Thanks again!
  2. The links don't show up while I'm on my phone. Can anyone help me out here? Thanks
  3. I was planning on making a sparkling cider. So since I'm planning making a cherry cider can I just add cherry juice with the apple juice, add some sugar, give it a good shaking to aerate it, pitch the yeast and be done?
  4. Just curious who's done it and how they went about it? I've been reading about it and know not to get apple juice with preservatives in it. My plan is eventually to attempt a cherry cider using apple juice if anyone has any advice
  5. Same here! Hopefully somebody here knows something
  6. Hey everyone! I'm looking to see if anyone has a New Belgium 1554 clone recipe anywhere? I absolutely love that beer. Thanks!
  7. Hey thanks for all the replies everyone and as for my water, it's city water from the tap. It's drinkable but definitely not the best water on earth so that's where my concern came from. I'll read the link, thanks!
  8. Hey everyone, first time brewer here! Brewed my first batch the American Light last sunday night. Basically i read the instructions and started the process right away. In my moment of jumping right into it i used tap water from my sink when i poured water in the lbk for the fermentation process. Followed all the other steps and sanitized everything. My only question though is about avoiding the possible bandaid taste. Since i used tap water (which most likely has chlorine in it) instead of bottled water, should i worry about putting a campden tablet in it? Definitely want to avoid a bad first batch. Already ordered the irish stout which I'll brew next monday and I'll definitely put bottled water in it. Thanks!
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