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  1. So how much fruit extract do i put in after that one week of fermentation?
  2. My friend isn't much of a beer drinker....I know, why have a friend like that...i get it but he is a friend still. However, he does like a triple berry wheat ale....sooo I was thinking of making a batch up for him. What would you use for a base refill kit and what kind of berries aka Strawberry, Blackberry and Blueberry?? Anyone ever do anything like this?
  3. Y'all are right on the money, if it tastes good (and it does) who cares what color it is....thanks
  4. Don't recall seeing it on the can but I wasn't looking either. However I bought the kit at a garage sell so who knows
  5. Ok, batch #2 was the Grand Bohemian Czech Pilsner. Doing exactly as the instructions said, 3/4/3 the beer came out darker than a Pilsner should. It didn't taste all the great either. Conditioned another month and beer is much better tasting...good in fact, but the color is still off. Did I do something wrong? Neighbor came over tonight, we had a glass, he liked it enough to bum a couple of bottles from me....:)
  6. Thanks anthony good to know, and thank you for the deep explanation Rick....
  7. Threw a couple of beers in the frig, after 3 days opened one up and I think I want to let it condition it for another month. Can I put the other bottle back in the case and let it condition or not? Thanks
  8. For some reason my wife wants me to slow down on the beer making. I started 2 months ago and just finished bottling my sixth batch. Heck I was just getting the hang of it. I have the following batches: Oktoberfest, Pilsner (which came out darker than what I thought it should), St. Patrick Stout, Wild Wheat, Bewitched Amber and finally my first try at the partial mash recipe of the Black Beer'd Porter. I am going to let the last one condition for at least 2 months before opening. I have almost as much fun creating the labels too.
  9. I have a pilsner ready in 3 days to taste, a stout will be ready to taste in a week, and am bottling 3 kegs this week so i do have the "many" down gopher!
  10. Finally the day is here......Oktoberfest, followed the 3/4/3 rule to the tee. I must say that it is a fine brew! Get to try me pilsner is 3 days.
  11. I have 3 LBK and just keep on fermenting, bottling and refilling...lol
  12. 20 days 3 hours left before I can crack open My Oktoberfest Broox, will give you my report!
  13. Just a bit over a month ago I bought my first Mr Beer kit. I just bottled my 3rd batch (Oktoberfest, Czech Pilsner, St Pat Stout). I have 3 more just brewed (Wild Wheat, Bewitched, Partial Mash Blackbeer'd Porter). My wife asked me, "what are you going to do with all this beer?" She had forgotten that my Super Power was making beer disappear! 2 weeks to go for my first batch to be ready!
  14. Great, that makes sense, just wanted to be sure about it! Thanks Creeps
  15. Just got the Black Beer'd Porter and just need a quick clarification. The directions say to fill keg to the #1 marker and after wort is in to add more water to the #2 marker. I have the LBK and what I have is the 4,6 and 8.5 liter marks. Which should I use then?
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