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  1. maybe a temperature exchange difference in glass vs plastic????? hard to say. my PET's always firm up quick so i can tell by feel. can't do that with glass. oh well......i will give glass 4 weeks from this point forward
  2. all the holiday brews turned out perfect! i had threw it out there that the glass bottles i did and capped myself were a little slow to carbonate and asked why. they just needed an extra week! 1tsp of sugar per 12oz glass bottle. why they took longer than PET's i have no idea but they came around splendid! patience hahahahahaa!
  3. gotta nice little Pilsner going in the LBK. i did a 60 min boil/simmer on the CBW and added some cascade hops. it smells delicious! rn the Muntons Brewers Gold yeast and really had some activity going on in there. day 3 and all has settled down and have a beautiful raft on the bottom. running the LBK at 66 degrees. smells so good coming out of the vent...super clean and fresh with a hint of the hops! can't wait to bottle!
  4. i run 1 tsp of sugar in 12oz bottles and a healthy tsp in the Mr Beer 500ml and a straight 2 tsp in the 740ml PET's and they have always turned out perfect. never had any explosions. the PET's firm up super nice. those bottles are tough.
  5. Question. my PET bottles go to full carb way faster than my glass bottles. I know i have a good seal on the glass...........what would cause that?
  6. it is so damn good i am patting myself on the back....my mom even drank a glass and said damn that is good. she used to own a bar
  7. 72 hour cold crash......the lacing and clarity on this batch is crazy.......it tastes like a Sierra Nevada and i made it in my LBK
  8. i do a 50 minute boil/simmer with the CBW and hit it 3 times with the hops. it is a clean taste with a shot of hops and then a mild malty finish. lacing on the glass and a nice head if poured heavy. good carbonation nice color and tastes delicious
  9. table sugar for carbonation. this bottle is 7 days old. just cracked it to get an idea of progress....it is smoooooooth!!!!
  10. that is Briess Munich CBW with Hop Nation Cascade hops. Muntons Gold Brewers yeast and a little help from my trusty LBK. 17 days in the keg with a 72 hour cold crash
  11. cracked a test bottle. it is absolutely delicious! will let the rest of the bottles go 2 more weeks and then i have to bottle the batch that is now in the LBK. Holiday fun! whoooo hoooo!!!!
  12. yup!!!!!! it is a keeper!!!! made me a ton of great beer!
  13. all bottled up! i cold crashed for 3 days. absolutely perfect! came out super clean! and th LBK has another batch in it as of 10 minutes ago. giving her a workout hahahahaa! lots of Holiday beer this year whooooo hoooooo!
  14. i have made many batches of beer in my LBK using the LD Carlson and never had a problem so it must be doing something right
  15. i have 1 gallon drink pitchers i use....plenty for everything. caps/LBK's bottles and tools
  16. i went down to my local brew store and bought a can of LD Carlson Easy Clean....it was cheap and you only need a Tbsp per gallon. you will always have what you need on hand no matter how much you brew and it will give you piece of mind to mix up however much you need for LBK's/bottles and tools.
  17. oh noooooo!!!! lol! won't be long and it will be flying here too
  18. i forgot to do it on my second batch and it all turned out fine. no worries
  19. i will cold crash it for 3 days and the clarity will be incredible
  20. the LBK does it again!!!!!!!! this is the Munich flat beer just tapped...gonna cold crash for 3 days bottle and cap. look at the color!!!! the smell and flavor are to die for!!!!!!
  21. man i went to the beerfest over by Lambeau a few weeks ago. Unlimited sampling......I was like.....man the beer i brew in my LBK is better than all of these!!!!
  22. all glass bottling this time.....my bottle capper is ready to go!
  23. I think the luck and skill i have learned on this forum are in my favor! thanks for all your good advice...this batch is gonna be the best ever I can already tell just by the smell coming out of the vent. Many more good batches to come!!!
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