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  1. Woah guys! Im not putting these things on the windowsill to grow. They're in a coleman cooler so no sunlight is getting to them. And I was just kidding about opening one, of course Im tempted to try one. who isnt? but I also know better. Anyway I guess I wont worry about the particles but is the temp okay? I know the instructions that come with it are pretty broad and sometimes on the high side.
  2. Alright so I bottled my beer two weeks ago and have stored it in a dark cooler so far. My thermometer reads that its about 65 degrees in the cooler and I was wondering if I should move it somewhere warming for these next two weeks? I also have some floating particle in a couple bottles an I was wondering what they were and what to do about them. Any advice is appreciated. Im trying my hardest not to unscrew a cap and try a sip!
  3. Alright so I'm one of the famous holiday brewers. I got the starter kit for Christmas with classic american light. Its been fermenting in the keg for just about 3 weeks so im getting ready to bottle. I was reading some posts on here and had a few questions. 1) I kept my keg at about 68 degrees pretty consistently but some of you made that sound too warm, it this true. 2) I shined a flashlight through the far side of the barrel and could see a few small particles floating in the beer is this normal or a sign of contamination. Lastly I'm going to be bottling in about 4 days. Ive been drink 16.9oz coke bottles and plan to use them to bottle my beer since it didnt come with bottle. I've been rinsing them right after i drink it but do you guys think they will work okay after I sanitize them. Okay my last question, Ive read its a good idea to transfer your beer out of the keg into another container to bottle is this true or can I just attach a hose to the spigot and bottle right from the keg. Thanks in advanced.
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