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  1. Absolutely, I will be wearing my leather pants! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lederhosen
  2. Absolut, habe ich meine Lederhose!!!
  3. Bavarian Weissbeir. I am German, about to make some sausage and put on some Bavarian marching music!
  4. From the album: Bubbles Beer

    My newest batch of beer, tastes good.
  5. Bubbles

    Bubbles Beer

  6. Lahey that greasy bastard keeps getting into my beer! As trailer park supervisor, he has a key to my shed.
  7. I enjoy a cold beer, so I take one from the cabinet about 1-2 weeks since its been bottled(with carbonation drops), then I stick it in the fridge. And the bottles become soft, the beer loses carbonation, and has NO head. Now I take a same ROOM TEMP bottle from the cabinet, and full carbonation, nice head.... but its not cold! BTW I am using the mr Beer bottles that came with the kit. Why is this happening, and how do I prevent this? Thanks
  8. From the album: Irish Stout

    My batch of Irish stout. Tastes roasted, almost like coffee, nice flavor.
  9. Bubbles

    Irish Stout

  10. Bewitched Amber Ale. Eventually I will create the Bubble's brew!
  11. Bubbles

    Bubbles Amber Ale

    3rd batch, Amber Ale. This is the darkest beer I have ever had, though I prefer the lighter stuff.
  12. Bubbles

    My Kegs

    My beer setup, in 2 gallon keg fermenters.
  13. Bubbles

    Great Deal!

    I got such a Goddamn good deal on these, I just had to post it. Thanks to Hoppysmile, who gave me the heads up for this on Ebay. All for only $17.
  14. Bubbles

    Czech Pilsner

    From the album: Czech Pilsner

    This is my 2nd batch of beer, Czech Pilsner, Delicious!
  15. Bubbles

    Czech Pilsner

    My 2nd batch of beer, Czech Pilsner. Delicious!
  16. Definitely not the real Bubbles, lol.
  17. Tastes amazing, my family loves it. I had 3 so far. I dont drink much beer, so there is nothing I could compare it to.
  18. Classic American Light. Not my number one choice, but it came with the kit. I have 2 more batches fermenting now!
  19. I did not tip the glass, I wanted a foamy look for the picture.
  20. This is my first beer brew, it tastes amazing. I could not have done it without the help form members here.
  21. I also have a ton of this milky white substance at the bottom of my 2 gallon keg fermenter, is this normal?
  22. Should the beer be completely clear before bottling? How exactly should it look, please give a detailed description of what is should look like. thank you
  23. Actually, to save money on shipping, I am probably going to buy 15 bottles of sparkling water...in the green glass bottles with metal twist cap. Saves money, and I get some good water! (thanks MrWhy, your answer above was very clear)
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