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  1. It's actually very simple if you spend a couple of bucks at Mr. Beer and get a sugar measure. New ones are black, but same thing. no measuring, no funnel. Works like a champ.
  2. NOW I remember why I was thinking about another bag of UME. I had thought about this before, but was reminded when I was digging around in my brewing tub. My question wasn't as half-assed as the way I posed it. This is an old recipe that used a 2-bottle cider kit. If I am using a 3-bottle kit, would the additional bag be desirable? Three bags would still be less than would 1-1/2 of the old cans.
  3. Thanks. He since told me that what he drank was more of a wine. Huh? Jeez. He also said it was sour.
  4. Did a search and came up with a few older posts. Is there a recipe on the Mr. Beer website that makes a Framboise type beer? This is NOT for me. A guy at work bought a kit and is asking. This doesn't sound appetizing to me, sounds like a Leinenkugel's Raspberry Shandy or something.
  5. My second brew is/was Aztec. I am still waiting, I think I have a week to go, maybe two. I'll need to look at my brew calendar. Anyway, no cheating! 4 weeks in the bottle for you, MISTER! It did taste pretty good out of the LBK, probably one of the best yet. But I have a very small sample size the only other was the Belgian Blanc. I started with CAL and it turned out pretty decent. Now that it's been in the bottle 6 weeks instead of 4 it tastes a lot different, very acceptable for what it's supposed to be.
  6. I'm a good month away from needing this, just thinking ahead.
  7. One more question, for now. What would be likely to happen if I did add a third bag of UME? More of a beer taste? Higher ABV? I'm looking for an Apple Ale flavor more than cider. Thoughts?
  8. I get they're the same, I wasn't sure about the 'pellet' part. It sounds like maybe they were calling for hops in it's natural form. thanks!
  9. Question for you experienced types: This recipe calls for 1 oz Liberty Hops, added directly to the fermenter and 5. Add the hops and mix well. Understanding this is an older recipe, would the pellet hops Mr. Beer sells be ok for this use and would you leave it loose at they say, or would it better to put it in muslin?
  10. Got it bottled. Tasted pretty good, a bit more floral than I expected, but maybe some comes out during conditioning? I was planning to batch the Bewitched tonight, but I find Wed or Thurs makes sense on these simple recipes. They only take an hour or so, and doing it mid-week lets me get a full 3 weeks in the LBK + cold crashing, and still bottle on a weekend. So this week Bewitched, and bottle the Apple Cider.
  11. Cara-Cara and Blood are closely related. Both are Navel oranges. I tasted the peel of each and found the Cara-Cara had a fresher taste with a bite. The Cutie is sweeter, so it should offset the orange some.
  12. Straight up, except the zest comes from a Cara-Cara Orange and a Cutie Mandarin. As a rule I wouldn't tweak anything until I've tasted how it's supposed to be.
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