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  1. Rickbeer, thanks so much for the info. I learned and understood more from your response than I did from reading on line for hours last night! I have great luck with all of my Mr. Beer batches when I ferment for 3 weeks before bottling. My question is with the addition of the honey to my current batch will 3 weeks be enough time for the batch to ferment or is additional time required. Will take a sample prior to bottling as I always do but was just curious about the time with the addition of the honey. Was not shooting for a super dry beer but as you said it may be great. I am definitely a “newbie” but am enjoying learning the process. Thanks again for your time and the info. Much appreciated
  2. Thanks a lot guys. Been doing some reading,and with your suggestions, it seems like the consensus is overwhelming in favor of 1/2 tsp per 12oz bottle. Have 2 batches that I will be bottling next Saturday and will go with that. Thanks again for all the info and your help.
  3. Thanks so much for the info!! Might give the 1/2 tsp a try. Thanks again.
  4. I have added a cup and a half of honey into a recipe from Mr. Beer and my question is when I go to bottle my beer should I adjust the amount of sugar I use to prime my beer? The beer will be going into 12oz long neck glass bottles and according to Mr. Beer I should use 3/4 teaspoons of priming sugar for each bottle. Should I cut that amount down because of the added honey or just use the recommendation from Mr. Beer. Thanks for any help.
  5. Yea, I thought your black moon rising question was a hoot lol
  6. So my beer can oxidize in the time it takes to fill a half litter bottle? Many videos of how to bottle Mr beer show people filling bottles strait from the spigot just as I have. Is it just a hit or miss thing or are there things I can do to to reduce the chances of this happening? I have only brewed 5 batches and any suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for your time and I see a bottling wand in my future.
  7. I usually try to go by the recommended condition time that is given for each recipe before I try one to see how things are coming. In the case of the Octoberfestivus the recommendation was 3-6 weeks. I fully understand that this recommendation is not written in stone and is more of a guideline. I usually go the longest suggested time before I crack open a bottle. With the Octoberfestivus I tried one after 5 weeks (One week short of the full 6 weeks) and it had that slight cider taste. Fingers crossed, maybe the full six weeks will take care of my problem. I usually end up lettings all my brews condition well past the recommended time just so they will be better. My last two batches have both had the cider taste when according to recommended conditioning time they should have been good to go. Thanks for the input and Cheers!
  8. I have not used a bottling wand. I place the spigot inside the bottle and then tilt the bottle and fill. Have been using half liter bottles and the whole process of filling a bottle takes very little time. Can the beer oxidize that quickly? If so, will additional conditioning time, take care of the flavor? Thanks for the help. I see a bottling wand in my future lol!!
  9. I like to take a small sample of my beer right before I bottle it. Sample's of my last two batches (CAL and Octoberfestivus) tasted really good. The Octoberfestivus had a great flavor that you could tell would be a great beer after carbonation and conditioning. There was no off or funky taste. No sweetness or a hint of a cider taste. The sample tasted like a good flat beer. ( you could taste the malt very well and it even had a slight hop bite to it) Sample was taken after 3 weeks of fermentation. Bottled with Mr. Beer carbonation drops and left to carbonated for 2 weeks. Just cracked opened my first bottle after 5 weeks of conditioning and it has a slight cider taste to it. Its not terrible but should not (in my opinion) be there. The same thing happened with my CAL batch. Sample was flat but had a nice flavor. Again was not sweet, no off flavors and had no cider like qualities. Fermented for 3 weeks and conditioned for a total of 4 weeks. Same result- cider like taste in the background of the beer. Tried another bottle after 5 weeks of conditioning and the taste is still there. Both of these brews fermented in a temperature range of 64-66 degrees. They conditioned in a temperature of 68-72 degrees. It is not a overwhelming cider taste. Its just a "frustrating" taste knowing that it should not be there. Why did the cider taste not show up in the sample? What is happening between the sample and the bottling of the brew? As I type this I have a Howling Red Ale and a Honey Lager that are conditioning and am praying that they do not also have this cider taste to them. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Thanks so much for the information, It is greatly appreciated!
  11. I am a total noob when it come to the Mr Beer World and have some questions that are probably very noobish but here we go. Can someone please tell me what it means to condition your beer. I have noticed that most Mr Beer recipes have a recommended conditioning time and I am not totally sure as to what this means. At what point does your beer start to condition? Does conditioning start in the fermenter or does it start after bottling. I recently made the Octoberfestivus and after 3 weeks in the fermenter I took a sample. The beer was clear, had no off flavors and tasted very nice. It was as expected, flat. I bottled my beer and after 15 days all the bottles seemed to have carbonated very well. If I place my bottles in the refrigerator will this be part of the conditioning or is this just to get the beer cold. In closing if a recipes say's to condition for 3 to 4 weeks what does this mean and when does the process start. Thanks for help and any answers you have. Marcus
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