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  1. I have them spaced out so I am usually bottling no more than 3 at a time. It is nice with this many going on as I have a wide variety of beers. Seriously this is an addiction and I need help.
  2. OK so I read lots of ideas online about doing a peanut butter cup Porter. A person tried and had good results with Reese's cereal. So for Sh and giggles I am trying it. I did the cereal along with jiff chocolate peanut butter powder. It tasted good going into the LBK. I bottle I about a week so I will let people know how it goes.
  3. This has now become a full blow addiction. Through Craigslist I now have 10 kits going. I have gotten several free or for $5 to $10. I plan to never buy beer again and brew my own from here on. It is so much cheaper and honestly a lot better tasting. I wish I would have found Mr Beer sooner.
  4. I just opened and tasted my 2, 3 and 4 batches and wow are they good. I did the Aztec, Octoberfest and Weissbier. After the CAL turning out not so good I was worried but wow did the next three make up for it. I have to say I am so hooked and plan on never buying beer again and just make my own.
  5. I know Mr Beer does not offer a gluten free option, but I have a friend who cannot have it. We went to a local brew store and bought a gluten free beer kit. We started it in Friday and it is fermenting nicely from the looks. I was just curious, since this is my go to place, if anyone has done any gluten free batches? Thanks, Will
  6. OK so is no one going to touch on the wife telling him to slow down? Really? I live in Minnesota where we are supposed to be nice but even that would not fly here. I have gone over board with this now, and I am new, and my lovely wife is putting up with it - as long as I do something she likes as well.
  7. John K. I see the twins logo. Are you in the twin cities?
  8. That is a very good question. This was my first batch. Before I knew about the great stick on thermometers. I followed the instructions and used filtered refrigerated water so I don't think it was to hot but not sure.
  9. Oh and Never asked if the CAL batch was the expired one I have going also - No it is not. This kit was brand new (it came with the original kit). I will let it set and condition longer and see if it moves from apple cider to beer.
  10. Trust me I have read a lot and know all about the 3-4 rule. However, I would have thought it would have tasted a little more like beer than Apple cider. Between this site, another homebrew site and the nice guys at my local home brewing supply store a lack of info is not my issue.
  11. I just opened a bottle aged for 10 days of CAL and it taste like crap. Taste more like Apple cider than beer. OK so what did I do wrong?
  12. Yes it is the same type of yeast (old and new). I notice the new yeast is a light brown where as the old yeast was a dark brown. Do you think the color is a sign that the old yeast was actually dead?
  13. It says on the label "Old Fashion Homebrew Root Beer Soda Pop Base". It is a 2 oz bottle and it says it will make 4 gallons of soda. My guess is an ounce.
  14. If not using the hacked root beer kit how much root beer extract would you add to a batch? Anyone have an idea? Thanks, Will
  15. This may be a dumb question but can old sanitizer still be used? I do not see why it would go bad but I am also no scientist. Thanks, Will
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