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  1. Thanks for the info RickBeer . I've pretty much been drinking Bud my whole life , just now enjoying the variety . Definitely enjoy the Oatmeal Stout .
  2. I have three batches going right now ; Dads Favorite Cream Ale, Naughty Cream Ale and Horses Ass Cream Ale. I added a tbs of vanilla to the batch of Dads Favorite Cream Ale and am using the 3-3-3 rule. It is 1 week in the icebox. The Naughty Cream Ale is in 2nd week of carbonation, didn't add anything to this batch and will be doing 3-3-6. Lastly I have Horses Ass Cream Ale in fermenting on 2nd week. I added a tbs of cinnamon(probably to much) and 2 cups of honey and doing 3-3-3 batch. I'm sure all these batches would have been great without me adding things, but these partial mashes really made me want to experiment. I also added 2 oz of carapils. I bought all these recipes for next to nothing thx to Mr Beers great deals. Discount recipes with free shipping !!! I will post pics and post my screw ups and hopefully successes . THANKS MR BEER !
  3. Highly recommend the Sticky Wicket Oatmeal Stout ! This was the best stout I've ever had. I had 5 friends over and poured a glass of Guinness and a glass of Sticky and everyone voted unanimously for the Sticky. They all,myself included, thought the Sticky had a lot more going on with the flavor. I did add 4 oz of carapils, which made a huge lasting head .Next time I will only add 2 oz. of carapils. Mr Beer needs to continue adding more partial mashes. Wish I would have took some pics, but this stuff went quick. Next time.
  4. The only other two batches I've done were Pilsners. I have to drive to the home brew store about 45 minute drive there and back, but I think it's worth it. Depending on how this turns out I think I'll just start ordering Carapils with each order.
  5. Thanks MrWhy . I've had no head retention on either of my other batches.
  6. Getting ready to start a batch of Sticky Wicket Oatmeal Stout with partial mash recipe. I'm planning on drinking it July Fourth. I will re post with results. I am wondering if I should run to the store and get some Carapils , because I really want a good long frothy head on this.
  7. I wanted to thank everyone for the help ! Pulled all the bottles out and let sit for three more weeks and it worked perfect. Since then I made a batch of Aztec Mexican Cerveza . I followed the 3-4 week way and it too turned out great. I'm now in search of a Guinness type beer, but more important is a beer with good head retention. Any suggestions ? It poured with a good head , but disappeared quick.
  8. Thanks for all the help ! I didn't use booster, it was a kit my daughter got me two years ago. Now that I'm laid off I thought it would be a good time to start a new hobby.I did pull the remaining bottles out of fridge and put in 70 degrees. I will go buy some beer and sit on my hands for a while.
  9. So I brewed first batch and it's drinkable but it's a little sweet and doesn't seem as carbonated as much as it should be. I did two weeks fermenting in keg and two weeks in bottles then three days in fridge. Fermenting temp did drop to 68 degrees , as that was room temp and kit was two years old. I'm thinking yeast was old and cold and maybe went dormant . I plan on switching to 5 gln batches, so I won't be rushing the process. If anyone has some advice I'm all ears ?
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