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  1. My bad I got the Diablo IPA Craft mix I ordered a Pouch, so I will wait for it. And thanks both of you.
  2. Hello, I'm new and about to brew my first batch. I was given the Kit for my birthday, from friends that know me very well apparently ;-) I can see this being my new Hobby. I like to play around and find different tastes and combinations, so all this recipes and such are just great for the future experimentation. For now I want to do my first batch as normal as possible to have a baseline of flavor and first experience. That being said, my kit came with a mix that has a 70% Bitterness, which I will be ok with it, but the rest of the household wont drink it at all. So my first question is how can I manage the Bitterness can I make a 20% mix more bitter by mixing with _______ ? or Less Bitter by adding _____ ? I thought after looking into the ingredients that maybe using some Brown Sugar will help with a bit of flavor and make it smoother, and also adding a LME Smooth pouch, but, I will appreciate suggestions, since I order some extras and wont run my batch until they arrive, (If I can hold myself) ;-)
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