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  1. Exactly 29 days to bottle. Another couple weeks to finish. Hacked Root beer and Pilsner bottled today. Still one more to do.
  2. Went to bottle today. Kinda tasted green last week. Its a waiting game now.....
  3. That's too funny. Dad hates martinis and I don't drink
  4. Thanks for the advice. We will cold crash the next brew in two weeks. Today is bottling day, my Dad is stoked. We will read and keep reading. Not looking to get it all right. Expect to make mistakes, who doesn't. This is time well spent. My dad has a new hobby, reaping the rewards and I get to spend some time with a great man.
  5. No clue. Explain please.
  6. Yep, another noob here to bother you with a bunch of questions. My Dad and I have 3 LBKs going right now. American Light, Hacked Rootbeer ( for my daughter) and a Czech Pilsner. Fermentation process for about 3 weeks on the AL and 1 week for the others. Temp has averaged around 69-70 degrees. According to the instructions and all that I've read we should be able to bottle the AL this weekend. Any tips or suggestions.?
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