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  1. My bad, Josh, I did remove from heat first! New reading today was 1.012. Think I'll take another tomorrow and see where I am at. Thank you!
  2. I can't seem to get the bubbles off the hydrometer, even after spinning. I just took another reading (no bubbles), but got 1.012 I used the yeast that came in the kit, all of it, and not sure of temp. I followed directions other than forgetting the LME!
  3. Thanks Josh. I did forget the temperature corrections, but will check again. I did make one mistake when boiling the wort... I forgot to add the LME! I discovered it right after adding the yeast, so I then boiled a small amount of water, added the LME, did a quick cool, surrounding pan with ice water, poured into the wort, and gave a light stir. DOH!
  4. Friday will mark 3-weeks fermenting this beer. OG was 1.060, today O got a 1.022... that an ABV of 4.9 (I think). How can I, or can I increase the ABV to something in the 7 range like the recipe states?
  5. There is a lot of good info in those links! I hit three weeks today, and just got done bottling. Now conditioning for 4-weeks. Going to get a hydrometer, and do some more research before starting my Voodoo beer!
  6. Thanks! I'll check the links too!
  7. So, this is my second brew. I will reach 2-weeks fermentation tomorrow, is 14-days long enough for this brew?
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