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  1. I think it's gonna be an awesome beer..... Just s little strong on the hop flavor. Still drinkable though. I'll defiantly brew it again
  2. So about 4 weeks after bottling, it should be good?
  3. Alright, if the hops taste would tone down a bit I think it will be a pretty awesome beer
  4. Three more days and I'll be able to cold crash. My curiosity got the best of me and I did a taste test. I'm 99 percent sure it taste exactly like it's supposed to, no sour or cidery taste at all but the tast of hops is so strong I'm not sure if I'll like it.
  5. Two more days will be three weeks in the lbk. I tasted a sample of it yesterday and it has a slight bitter ciders taste to it but defiantly has a strong beer taste also. I'm gonna cold crash it for three days a bottle Saturday. Hopefully conditioning for at least four weeks will make it better.
  6. I had the same thing happening to one of mine. I put it in a cooler place and it stopped. Get he temp down a bit, wipe it clean but DO NOT open the lid
  7. Thanks Brian, that sounds like it will work. When you say another can of cherries, do you mean 2 cans total or a different kind?
  8. Alright, thanks for the advice
  9. I read the reviews, it sounds pretty good. I reckon I'll go ahead and order it.
  10. I got three lbk's going right now. Probably need to go ahead and get two refills just so nothing stays dry to long and I'm trying hard to find a reason not to get the hacked root beer kit but I can't give myself a good enough reason not to
  11. gonna make a payment arrangement with the electric company just so I can order more stuff tomorrow lol
  12. If only I can get the wife more on board......... I'd probably go broke
  13. Ain't that the truth, I love this!!!! Got 3 lbk's going right now. Hopefully this Porter turns out pretty good.... It ain't fermented yet and smells awesome.
  14. Just brewed my first partial mash!!!!! Black Beer'd Porter. I was pretty nervous starting off but everything went perfect as far as I know. Now, I feel like a new dad standing in front of the nursery window...... I been waitin on this one for awhile Hahahaha
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