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  1. Pip

    Stout ideas

    Thanks guys! Went with the chocolate malt since it is way cheaper. I already have a booster so that'll make up for the abv difference
  2. Pip

    Stout ideas

    Would it be okay to substitute the lme for chocolate malt in the bovine milk stout?
  3. Pip

    Stout ideas

    Hey guys I have an extra can of st Patrick lying around, a booster, 1 ounce of golding hops and a bag of cocoa nibs. any ideas of what else to use to make this stout awesome? I was thinking lactose sugar and chocolate malt. Also what type of yeast should I use?
  4. Pip

    Mango IPA

    So I just tasted my recipe from the fermenter and it is amazing! Can't wait for it to finish 1 can northwest pale ale 1 can chopped mangos in light syrup puréed and 1oz of citra hops
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