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  1. Been conditioning above 70 degrees for 4 weeks. Happy with the carb level (I didn't pour it well). I'm sure it'll get even better as it conditions longer, but it was nice. The basil didn't come through, but it did have a nice strawberry aroma and light strawberry flavor. Easy drinking.
  2. I accidentally used a little more than half, will this cause problems?
  3. I'm about to start the chug-a-lugger recipe, but I'll be using the safale us-05 yeast because my refill is older and yeast is likely no good. Anyway. I have the 11.5g packs of yeast from the MB site. How much yeast would I use in the LBK, 2 gallon batch?
  4. There wasn't much of one, just a little foam, which I've read on the forum that others experienced that also with that beer. Good, bad, neither?
  5. My first batch is/was the Horse's Ass Ale. I wasn't expecting much because I rushed into it and didn't have the right pitching temp or fermentation temp (until 4 days in). These carbed and conditioned for 3 weeks, good carb but the flavor sucks. It's "drinkable" for me, but I certainly wouldn't share it. Some of these are still conditioning. Second batch is the Barley Beer Dog recipe for Strawberry Basil Wheat. I can hear Rick already "brew the beers plain first to know how they should taste before making changes, etc, etc." but, being the home chef that I am, i had to just go for it. Anyway, I made sure pitching temp was within range, made my tinture per instructions, kept a close eye on fermentation temp (LBK temp), etc. Primed with table sugar using the chart in glass bottles. Very excited to try this. 4 weeks conditioning will be this Saturday! What should I expect from this beer? If it doesn't taste good, where could I have gone wrong? What is the most common mistake aside from temp control by rookies? Has anyone tried this particular recipe?
  6. Should I add both the LME and the Booster or is that overkill?
  7. I think i'm gonna go with the Aztec by itself with the Pale LME and Booster, I ordered some US-05 too, so I'll use that...seems to be more of a balanced yeast.
  8. So, would the Oktoberfest and Aztec taste good together? I actually already ordered the S-33 yeast, a Booster pack and a Pale LME. Question, now that I've ordered these things, would it still be a good idea to mix the two refills, adding the booster and lme? Furthermore, would the yeast i ordered work ok?
  9. Thanks, I'll order some booster. I also just noticed these refills have a best by date of June 2014. Would they still be good?
  10. Would it be worth brewing the cerveza without the booster added or will it be really weak in terms of abv? A buddy of mine gave me an Aztec and Oktoberfest refill he had, but didn't come with booster. Both of my LBKs are empty right not (is that a sin?), so wanted to get something going, but don't have booster at home. Thanks
  11. Haha, yea, it was leaking a little from the spigot in my cooler, so I was forced to tighten it this way. I'll be able to turn it back around without a problem.
  12. Pretty excited although I know it will probably not be very good. I I haven't tasted it at this point, should I? If so, what should I expect?
  13. I want to start a new brew this weekend, but I will be out of town the following week for a few days. Can I transport my LBK inside a cooler over to my brother's house (he only lives a block away) so he can babysit it and watch the temp? I wasn't sure if the sloshing while moving it would be bad. It will be fermenting for 3-4 days before I need to move it.
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