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  1. The only one im cold crashing is my stout that im bottling tomorrow so we'll see how that sample tastes
  2. No i have them in covered boxes. No light at all
  3. i used the drops for my PET bottles. for the 740ml i used 2 drops as instructions say and the 0.5ltr bottles i used 1 drop
  4. brewed a cerveza then the american ale. both have the apple taste and are flat (lids are screwed on tight). both fermented 3 weeks but the cerveza has now been conditioning for 6 weeks and ale for 4 weeks. i used cold water from the fridge but i think i need to keep an eye on the temp better before pitching the yeast. so i guess from reading on here i just have to let them condition longer? right now i also have a pilsner conditioning and currently cold crashing my peanut butter choc stout which im bottling tomorrow. i really hope these don't have the same apple taste. side note bottles are kept in the corner of my kitchen were temps are a steady 74/75F for conditioning.
  5. @MRB Josh R do i need to put the nibs in a muslin bag for the boil or add as is? thinking of doing this at the weekend and just want to make sure i have all the equipment i need. thanks
  6. i've actually had several from local breweries here and also their variations with PB choc porters and brown ales. all very delicious. one of the best i had was a PB choc brown ale from Gizmo in Raleigh, NC. luckily this place is down the street from me
  7. what about cocoa powder josh? add to the wort at flame out as well? and how much?
  8. this is exactly the info i needed thank you josh
  9. i guess powdered peanut butter to me is more like the real thing than the oil. yes i read your link about cold crashing. my thought was (because i don't know any better) that if i add the powdered PB to the wort would cold crashing settle the particles in suspension. i would have thought that cold crashing stout wouldn't affect the color be gentle
  10. almost forgot about adding cocoa powder. how much and when? also should i cold crash as well?
  11. picked up a stout refill yesterday and wanted to attempt a peanut butter choc recipe. i searched through the forum for recipes and ideas. so far i like ricks idea of using a drop of lorann oil per bottle at the bottling stage but for some reason it feels like cheating (i'm being stupid i know). i always figured i would use the PB2 powdered stuff but when and how would i add it to the HME? i would use a robust LME for it and also wondered do i add hops? and if so which works with a stout base?
  12. bottling my aztec on monday coming. got my new goodies including a 2nd LBK from MB yesterday in the post so i got my american ale with pale LME going last night. gonna get a 3rd LBK next week so once i bottle my aztec i'm gonna brew standard bewitched and a bewitched with a LME (either robust or smooth, haven't decided yet) at the same time. wow this is addictive
  13. your lucky. my wife doesn't drink beer or even really drink. on the up side i always have my own taxi service lol
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