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  1. Truthfully I've never detected the obscene flavor difference some NA attempters have claimed. The first couple of batches I tried, I only did about six bottles of NA and just straight bottled the rest. I really couldn't tell a noticeable (let alone despicable) taste difference. I bake the beer, rather than boil it, so I don't get the roiling introduction of fresh oxygen which has supposedly caused cardboardy tastes. I also have never gotten the super bitterness other folks have claimed. I preheat the oven to 350, load the oven with ceramic baking dishes of fully fermented beer, and monitor the temperature until the beer reaches 180. Then, I turn down the oven to 180 for a half hour. Then, I chill the beer down to about 80 before re-adding it to the fermenter, on top of the trub. As little as a half bottle of beer in the keg appears to be enough to re-yeast the NA beer in time for priming.
  2. A more inconvenient mistake is to add water directly from the faucet rather than the measuring cup. There is so much aeration there that the yeast just rests on the foam. Still no harm.
  3. Whatever I get will be light enough for me. Now I know I can drive with commercial NA's and I shouldn't drive after some home brew LAs. Still fun to pursue to the limits that I can find.
  4. I have the breathalyzer. Preliminary results are, after three commercial test beers, 0.000. First home beer, 0.000. Second home beer 0.001. Third home beer 0.014. Fourth home beer 0.023. Waiting 20 minutes after eating or drinking anything but water is a pain in the butt, but necessary to prolong sensor life. Since I am not an alcoholic, I can drink this stuff without concern, but I guess I am creating LA beer, not NA beer.
  5. Since I usually bake off the alcohol before bottling the beer, I am more interested in how effective the bake off works. FG would be affected by some water evaporation as well, I presume. I've settled for ordering a breathalyzer and see if that will be good enough to show relative differences between leaded and NA beers.
  6. Trust me. With this group, there is no bomb proof phrasing.
  7. Is there any way to directly measure the alcohol content of a bottled beer? Everything I've seen seems to depend on specific gravity differences between pre and post fermented beer.
  8. Why a year? I will start cracking these at six months. Of course at one a week the last one might make it to a year. I decided to do a double batch (36ish bottles), so I could steep all the grains in one go. I'm also just combining one stout and one liquid extract per batch, so I won't have the blow off, even if fermenting happens at the high end of the range. Based on previous experience, I will have no problems with the body I will get out of this.
  9. Each recipe goes into a different brand labeled bottle. Those bottles go into six pack carriers. Mr. Beer can labels go through the six pack loop. Hop variations get stapled to the first of each such label. Six packs are then stored on shelving four six packs deep. I can now select one from each variety and put them in the fridge. When I pull one from the fridge, I replace it with a companion from the same six pack. That association is enough to remind what I am selecting at the moment.
  10. If you are a purist, then no. Otherwise... Yes. Actually. The ones I've tried seal very well. In addition, against all advice, I have been reusing the original screw caps, more often than I have over reloaded the same shotgun shells. Shotgun shells eventually expand too large for the breech. Screw caps eventually loosen up too much to hold high pressure. However, they still hold CO2 against outside leakage, so I've never had a spoiled bottle of beer. This gives me the knowledge of when to throw away the old cap and make a new one. Or just buy some new screw top bottles to empty.
  11. Well, they have gotten better over the years. I'm just not willing to pay 2-3 times the average price of beer to hunt very hard. I am still recovering from and trying to replicate the shock of tasting a Double Diamond for the first time on a British Airways flight (decades ago).
  12. Any experience with The Grainfather? I'm hoping to retain the1 gal Mr. Beer fermenters while trying BIAB recipes beyond the extracts that Mr. Beer offers. It's all about minimizing the amount of weight I have to move. Beating the Mr. Beer extract price to make case price equivalent to mass market beer would be cool too.
  13. It's also the land of piss-poor beer. I will be happy to leave and go to a land of full-bodied ales. My passport just got renewed.
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