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  1. RickBeer.......sorry I was just being brief. I knew that you dissolved the sugar in a little bit of water to begin with and let it cool before you added it to a bucket/LBK/other sanitized collection device. I just wasn't sure if anyone does batch brewing in their LBK. Figured I'd ask to get a perspective from you guys.
  2. So one more question to throw in....I'll be using cane sugar for bottling. Do you usually go with batch priming or priming each bottle individually? From reading I had planned to batch prime and just put the sugar in the LBK, but again I'm slightly worried that it would stir up the sediment. Would cold-crashing take care of that to a point, as long as I don't go crazy with stirring the primer in?
  3. You guys are awesome! So basically.....cold-crash and get a wand and just using the LBK should be the right way to go. Thanks for commenting back. I've got a second LBK and beer kit coming today, so I will have two IPA batches (diablo & long play) that I am pretty excited about!
  4. Hey All, So my second batch is fermenting right now, but I want to be all ready when bottling comes around. Question for you guys: Do most of you just bottle straight out of the LBK using the spigot with a wand or do a lot of people use a separate bottling bucket/siphon etc? My fear is that the sediment will flow out if just using the spigot on the LBK, which happened to me on my first batch. If a wand solves this issue, I plan on picking one up before bottling anyways. I guess overall....I'm just looking for the best way to reduce sediment in the bottles. Any input would be great! Thanks, BrewBert
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